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We support 2018.3.2 Furuya Grampus. Until Sunday, May 6 is for a limited time, and usually point Nagoya Grampus support goods or 2018 season tickets 3% than point by the presentation, and improve! The details are this (there is ※ product excluding)
2018.3.21Let's get limited mini-Figure in answer to quiz of Lego ® city georama! ※Let's answer quiz to be written on "georama which can peep out" of finished Lego ® city! Four quizzes can depend on georama! Tell answer of one one to the staff at cash register of BIC toys. Limited mini-Figure is presented in every day by the first 200 people!
As for the first, - 3⁄25 Sunday, the second holds - 4⁄1 Sunday, the third on - 4⁄8 Sunday on 4⁄7 Saturday on 3⁄31 Saturday on 3⁄24 Saturday! check the details.
※This event is limited to 5-12-year-old child. ※Number includes limit. It becomes end as soon as we disappear. ※For one, it becomes distribution of one mini-Figure. ※Event may be changed without notice.
2018.3.21Spring festival of Lego ®! Let's play in Lego in spring vacation! ※It was finished ■3⁄24 Saturday - 3⁄25 Sunday holding! Defeat team gamadon by cool vehicle of Lego ® ninja go! We present limited sticker to child who participated by the first arrival! ※1
■4⁄7 Saturday - 4⁄8 Sunday holding! We will make bracelet of cute heart with Lego ® Block! Bracelet which we made presents on the spot! ※1  check the details.
※200 people the first in 1 every day, target age 5 years old - 12 years old ※It becomes end as soon as set disappears. ※It is only for once a day per person. ※Image is image. ※By the situation on the day, we may distribute rearranging ticket before event start. ※Event may be changed without notice.
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2018.2.53 three days a month are the Doll's Festivals! We distribute calendar with coloring of the Doll's Festival! ※Child limitation that was finished! In BIC toys prime tree Akaike shop, we distribute calendar with coloring of the Doll's Festival! check the details.
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2018.1 .172 three days a month are days of Setsubun! We distribute the mask of ogre and drawing for coloring of calendar! ※Child limitation that was finished! We distribute aspect of ogre who can use for the bean-scattering ceremony of Setsubun in BIC toys prime tree Akaike shop and calendar with coloring! check the details.
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BIC toys prime tree Akaike shop is open on Friday, November 24 for 2017.11 .242017 years! BIC toys prime tree Akaike shop opens in Akaikecho, Nisshin-shi, Aichi! It is 5% point up more than point normal as open commemorative privilege during period until Sunday, December 31 with all Toys articles! ※It was finished
Mickey Mouse trailer
2017.8.31 [new product of September release] TOMY transformer Disney label Mickey Mouse trailer standard, the product details are this
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2017.8.16 Kai Kobayashi men's 50 kilometer walk medal acquisition is commemorative ※We purchase more than 5,000 yen (tax-included) during expired period, and Web presents BicCamera gift card from customer who had you apply by lot! Furthermore, our designated product usually improves 3% point more than point! Until Sunday, August 20.
 nano Block yokozuna
2017.5.29 [new product of August release] [new product of August release] PB product nano Block yokozuna
The product details are this
The name of HOMESTAR.
2017.5.10 [new product of July release] [new product of July release] The name of HOMESTAR.
The product details are this
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〒The 470-0126 Akaikecho, Nisshin-shi, Aichi winnow no hand first
PRIMETREE AKAIKE (prime tree Akaike) 3F

TEL 052-807-8881

Operating hours 10:00 a.m-9: 00 p.m

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