Suggestion reception desk of new product

We look forward to entry from new company 様 (maker 様, Toiya, various trading company 様) which we wish to trade with BicCamera .

Offer essential point

  1. Sellable commercialized thing is best in BicCamera .
  2. You have you confirm the following handling item, and please go ahead through category of product which you can suggest to entry sheet input page.
  3. We confirm contents of entry sheet which had you transmit, and the person in charge will inform in E-mail.
    ※We may have time from contents confirmation to notification.
  • Reception desk
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  • Contents confirmation by the person in charge
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  • It is notification in E-mail

Application for suggestion

Please prefer category of product having you suggest to the following handling item.

  • Camera·Video Camera drone

    • Digital Camera Digital Single-Lens Reflex Mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera, Interchangeable Lens Video Camera drone wearable Cameras, one piece, tripod, Camera Bag, Binoculars, photoframe

      Application for business talk
  • Household appliances, seasonal household appliances

    • Heating apparatus, seasonal household appliances, humidifier, dehumidifier, Refrigerator·Freezer, Wine Cellar, Washing machine·Washer Dryer Combos, Air Conditioning, Air Cleaner (air cleaner), oven / microwave oven Toaster, Rice Cooker·Rice Mill, others Kitchen Appliances, Vacuums & Floorcare, dishwasher, gas / hotplate, garbage processing machine, ventilation fan, Coffee Maker pot soda machine Kitchen Tools, Water Bottle·Lunch Box, Duvet dryer, shoes dryer, Iron subompuressa sewing machine, water purifier

      Application for business talk
  • PC, peripheral device, PC software

    • UPS (uninterruptive power supply), PC software license software DTM-related desktop PC note PC Tablet PC, gaming PC device, digital reading device Printer scanner, Lcd Monitor, HDD/SSD/USB storage device-related disk drive-related network (LAN), pen tablet Web network Cameras, DOS/V parts

      Application for business talk
  • PC supply

    • Reshuffling device various Keyboard Mouse gamepad joy-stick numeric keypad PC desk chair moth large various cable, USB hubs for genuine Printer Ink cartridge, compatibility, recycling Ink cartridge, refilling Ink cartridge toner cartridge drum cartridge recycling, import, frequent use Toner, Paper, PC, bag Case media Case supply article

      Application for business talk
  • TV recorder

    • Article AV-related TV TV stand, theater rack, setting metal fittings, recorder player Projector antenna tuner aerial cable parts, AV cable plug

      Application for business talk
  • Audio system car navigation system, musical instrument

    • Karaoke microphone audio system cable plug adapter, AV rack audio system-related article, audio system software, CD-R, cassette tape transceiver car navigation system Drive recorder car article DJ-related high res audio system Earphone Headphones Headphones amplifier Speaker (Bluetooth amplifier incorporation), Walkman Digital Audio Portable CD, cassette player cassette tape, IC Recorder Radio minicomponent, CD Radio radio and cassette player, Individual Audio component home theater, Electronic Piano, musical instrument

      Application for business talk
  • Beauty & Health, healthy household appliances

    • Terminal, Pedometer, shower head wearable Shaver Hair dryer Curling Irons hot curler Face care, beautiful face device, depilator, hair removal device (lady's Shaver), Sphygmomanometer, massage apparatus, Electric Toothbrush, warm water toilet seat, heating toilet seat

      Application for business talk
  • Communications equipment, smartphone
    IOT-related product

    • Accessory, IoT-related product for Accessory, cell-phone for Accessory smartphone for SIM, SIM-free smartphone, iPhone

      Application for business talk
  • Pharmaceutical products, daily necessities, cosmetics

    • Pharmaceutical products, health food, cosmetics, makeup hair care product, body care product, Oral Care article (mouth care), cosmetics, hygiene, medical care article, life papers for men, life miscellaneous goods, cleaning article, washing article, baby article

      Application for business talk
  • Tool, DIY, crime prevention, flame-proof

    • Cutting tool, production processing article, construction article, work article, environmental safe article, office ju*yohin, door phone, security camera, disaster prevention article, sensor light, safe

      Application for business talk
  • Light Bulb, fluorescent lamp
    Glow starter, ceiling

    • Light Bulb·Fluorescent Lamp·Glow starter, LED Bulb, LED Ceiling, Light Bulb form fluorescent lamp, LED lamp starter set, Flashlight, lantern, others

      Application for business talk
  • The media, Battry
    Mobile battery, Power Tap

    • The media, Battry, Charger, storage battery, mobile battery, Power Tap for the media, Recording Media, recording for media data for Video Camera

      Application for business talk
  • Futon, interior

    • Bedclothing, Bed bedpad sofa curtain carpet, carpet, rag seasonal comforter, bed, low-elasticity mattress, Futon set, pillow, Sheet Cover

      Application for business talk
  • Game apparatus, Game Software

    • Nintendo 3DS software, PSVita software, Wii, U software, PS4(PlayStation4) software, PS3(PlayStation3) software, XboxOne software, Xbox360 software, PSP software Nintendo DS software, Wii software game apparatus system unit, game peripheral device

      Application for business talk
  • Movie, music

  • Toys, hobby

    • Item, railroad model, diorama collection for child Toys, Educational Toys, stroller car seat Figure character radio control Block game variety goods jigsaw puzzle plastic model Mini 4WD, plastic model production of Toys, hobby, boy Toys, car, train, woman

      Application for business talk
  • Phone, FAX, office appliance

    • Phone, FAX Machine, office appliance, Phone, FAX Machine, Electronic Dictionary, Calculator, Shredder Laminating Machine label writer, electron stationery, disk title Printer masking tape Printer stamp maker copier, register time clock cutting machine, office appliance, office supplies, Stationery

      Application for business talk
  • Watches & Clocks, bag

    • Domestic maker watch (male oriented), domestic maker watch (female oriented), Foreign Brands Watch (male oriented), Foreign Brands Watch (female oriented), alarm clock, wall clock, table clock, mechanism Watches & Clocks, Suitcase business bag wearable terminal, active mass Traveling Gear, fragrance, umbrella in total

      Application for business talk
  • Sports, Bicycle, golf

    • Balls various Bicycle, train movement assist Bicycle, Bicycle Parts Golf Club Golf Shoes golf article, Fitness Equipment, Protein supplement wearable terminal, active mass health Accessory supporter wear outdoor, fishing in total

      Application for business talk
  • Contact Sunglasses

    • It is stick daily disposable Contact Lenses, container which breathing cancellation item, Hearing Aid collects far and near for two uses throwaway Contact Lenses contact care product for throwaway Contact Lenses circle colored contact lenses, astigmatism disposable Contact Lenses in Glasses, Date Glasses [degreeless lens set], Sunglasses snow goggle, snoring, sleep at all times for Glasses-related product, pollen measures goods, ready-to-wear clothing convex glasses, PC for one month for two weeks

      Application for business talk