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Event holding!2018.4.30
Event and sale information to be able to enjoy for Golden Week!
Long-awaited Golden Week! We hold family a lot of events to be able to enjoy all together during consecutive holidays!
check the details.
In BIC toys prime tree Akaike shop, we hold Lego ® event! ※It was finished.
"Let's get limited mini-Figure in answer to quiz of Lego ® city georama!"
"Spring festival of Lego ®! Let's play in Lego in spring vacation and hold o!
※It was finished.
We distributed calendar with coloring of the Doll's Festival! ※It was finished.
Child-limited! In BIC toys prime tree Akaike shop, we distribute calendar with coloring of the Doll's Festival! check the details.
The details of BIC toys prime tree Akaike shop are this
Friday, November 24, 2017 opening!
BIC toys prime tree Akaike shop opens in Akaikecho, Nisshin-shi, Aichi! It is 5% point up more than point normal as open commemorative privilege during period until Sunday, December 31 with all Toys articles! ※It was finished.

List of Toys handling stores
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Ikebukuro Main Store 5F03-5396-1111 Ikebukuro West Store 7F03-5960-1111
Yurakucho Store 4F03-5221-1111 Akasaka-Mitsuke Station Store 8F03-6230-1111
BICQLO Shinjuku east exit store 6F03-3226-1111 Shinjuku West Store 5F03-5326-1111
Shibuya East Store 4F03-5466-1111 AKIBA 7F03-6260-8111
Tachikawa Store 5F042-548-1111 Seisekisakuragaoka Station Store 6F042-310-1111
Keio Chofu store 3F042-444-1111 JR Hachioji Station store 5F042-646-1111
Lazona Kawasaki Store 1F044-520-1111 Shin-Yokohama Store 9F045-478-1111
Fujisawa Store 6F0466-29-1111 Sagami-Ono Station Store 6F042-701-1111
Kashiwa Store 5F04-7165-1111 Funabashi Tobu shop 3F047-421-1111
Omiya West SOGO Store 2F048-647-1111 Mito Station Store 4F029-303-1111
Niigata Store 1F025-248-1111 Sapporo Store 4F011-261-1111
Hamamatsu Store 1F053-455-1111 Nagoya Station West Store 3F052-459-1111
Nagoya JR GATE TOWER Store 9F052-569-1111 Prime tree Akaike shop 3F052-807-8881
JR Kyoto Station Store 7F075-353-1111 Namba Store 7F06-6634-1111
Abeno Q's MALL Store 3F06-6631-1111 Hiroshima Station Store B1F082-506-1111
Okayama Station Store 3F086-236-1111 Tenjin 2nd Store 6F092-732-1111
Kagoshima-Chuo Station Store 1F099-814-1111