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[new product of August release] The PB product nano Block yokozuna product details are this
[new product of July release] The name of HOMESTAR. The product details are this

List of Toys handling stores
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Ikebukuro Main Store 5F03-5396-1111 Ikebukuro West Store 7F03-5960-1111
Yurakucho Store 4F03-5221-1111 Akasaka-Mitsuke Station Store 8F03-6230-1111
BICQLO Shinjuku east exit store 6F03-3226-1111 Shinjuku West Store 5F03-5326-1111
Shibuya East Store 4F03-5466-1111 AKIBA 7F03-6260-8111
JR Hachioji Station store 5F042-646-1111 Tachikawa Store 5F042-548-1111
Shin-Yokohama Store 9F045-478-1111 Seisekisakuragaoka Station Store 6F042-310-1111
Sagami-Ono Station Store 6F042-701-1111 Lazona Kawasaki Store 1F044-520-1111
Mito Station Store 4F029-303-1111 Fujisawa Store 6F0466-29-1111
Kashiwa Store 5F04-7165-1111 Omiya West SOGO Store 2F048-647-1111
Sapporo Store 4F011-261-1111 Niigata Store 1F025-248-1111
Nagoya Station West Store 3F052-459-1111 Hamamatsu Store 1F053-455-1111
JR Kyoto Station Store 7F075-353-1111 Nagoya JR GATE TOWER Store 9F052-569-1111
Abeno Q's MALL Store 3F06-6631-1111 Namba Store 7F06-6634-1111
Hiroshima Station Store B1F082-506-1111 Okayama Station Store 3F086-236-1111
Kagoshima-Chuo Station Store 1F099-814-1111 Tenjin 2nd Store 6F092-732-1111