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Consultation of bulk buying

Professional who knew everything about household appliances guides and of course is free.

Professional of life suggestion moves in addition to product knowledge new life and suggests product which we put together to hope of various uses and visitors including wedding, souvenir and premium.
From selection of product to various procedures, after-sale service, full-time adviser is in charge.
Of course the use is free reservation of adviser! Please use casually.


Bicycle and Glasses, besides, to bedclothing.

BicCamera has to article which Watches & Clocks, liquor can use for souvenir and premium including Toys from article which is necessary for life including bedclothing, Bicycle as well as aggregate, household appliances of specialty store much.
As salesperson with technical knowledge, qualifications such as sleep adviser or Bicycle mechanic guides, you can purchase in peace.


As for the consultation of bulk buying, reservation is recommended.

We can have you apply for bulk buying service after coming, but can inform that we have you make a reservation more smoothly. Of course even consultation of purchase product makes reservation to have visitor choose product slowly and carefully. Please use bulk buying reservation foam by all means.

When you want to look at the shop slowly, don't worry.

Person who wants to look at product at pace of visitor who decided product and oneself slowly can use bulk buying without contracted adviser. Of course, about various procedures such as delivery or setting construction on purchasing, the person in charge who knew everything about bulk buying supports.

Reservation over telephone

You can make a reservation from toll free number at the following store. In the case of reservation, the name, contact information telephone number is important; is going to purchase, and confirm on due dates beforehand on product, visit day.