Regarding the tax-free procedure

At the time of payment, consumption tax will be deducted from sticker price.

Tax-Free Conditions

  • Customer is required to show a passport.
  • Only visitors who have temporarily stayed (Non-Resident) in Japan.
  • For less than 6-month stay since entering Japan. ※Landing permission seal without Re-Entry permission.
  • More than 5,000 yen in total tax-excluded as for the general article (other than expendable supplies). (the amount of payment after discount)
  • For consumable items, the total purchase amount is more than ¥5,000 and less than ¥500,000 (excluding tax).
  • Items which consume in Japan, Shipping cost and operational expense could not be made with deduction of tax.
  • BicShuhan (alcohol)'s items cannot be calculated with other consumable items.

Notice (Please read all the provisions below carefully.)

  • Consumable items must be kept in the specified bag and be taken out of Japan within 30 days of purchase.
  • General items must be taken out of Japan when you leaving.
  • Submit the Proof of Tax-Free Purchase to customs that attached to your passport when leaving Japan.
  • If you do not bring the proof with you, consumption tax will be charged.
  • Liquids in containers larger than 100ml generally cannot take as hand luggage even if the container is only part full.
  • You need let the airport staff knows that liquids in containers are Tax-Free before you take them in you checked luggage (e.g. in a suitcase).
  • When we use automization gate, stamp (seal) is not done in passport. Ask person in charge of each airport at the time of the gate passage.