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BicCamera Suica card

<campaign object period: Until Monday, April 30, 2018 >

Just! We present the point of up to 6,500 yen equivalency by the enrollment and the use!

※When, as for point 3 times, credit card settles product targeted for VIEW plus at green windows of JR East. Some cards are excluded.
※Campaign period: It is for June 30 for period of use until May 31 during published by this card period until April 30, 2018 during application period.
※Point grant: BIC point of JCB brand choice gives grant, JRE POINT after the middle of August in the end of June.
※Lottery (1,000 people) of the commuter pass purchase is campaign of the whole view card. It applies to person who purchased commuter passes (commuter pass which we can purchase at ticket vendor, window of JR East) more than 20,001 yen by view card.

BicCamera  Suica card application   BicCamera  Suica card real time issuance store

Convenient card that BIC point function + credit function +Suica function became one!

Point that we saved is charged by SuicaBicCamera  +Suica card

It is BIC point, View, JCB/VISA, Suica card with function

※We can apply even for mail after filling out membership application form for mail that we prepare for at application or store at Suica counter of BicCamera Suica card handling store on the same day.

BicCamera  Suica card application   BIC point → Charge to Suica part

How to use BicCamera Suica card to profit

 It is advantageous in charge (we include automatic charge) to Suica!

When credit charges BIC Suica, we return the 1.5% considerable view Sunkus point! + is Suica which we charged, and payment returns cash payment and the basic 10% BIC point of the same percentage → We return the basic 11.5% considerable point in total

※We can charge in mobile Suica and byuarutte.
※There are six points of view Sunkus points per 1,000 yen.
※Payment with Suica is limited to possible store.
※Point rate may vary according to product, stores.
※When we performed the procedure mentioned above, it is limited.
※As for the charge amount of money to Suica, 20,000 yen is the upper limit once.
※It becomes the use of one piece of Suica per one check for payment in BicCamera .

 Even as for the shopping except BicCamera Kojima
 BIC point view Sunkus points collect!

Of home and abroadVISA, JCB, ViewBy credit payments such as shop, utilities with mark

+0.5% of 0.5% BIC Point considerable view Sunkus point (per 1,000 yen two points) → 1% considerable Point in total

ViewTo window, byu plaza, reserved seat ticket vendor, Suica of JR East green with mark
By credit payment in charges

1.5% more considerably advantageous! The points collect in charge to purchase and Suica of view Sunkus Point (per 1,000 yen six points) commuter pass!

※About charge use minute to some electronic money (Rakuten Edy/nanaco/SMART ICOCA/SAPICA), BIC point view Sunkus point becomes not intended. Some products including various fees do not have BIC point view Sunkus point annual convention costs. In addition, expiration date of view Sunkus point is until the end of the month 24 months after the got moon.
※Point size that accumulated by use of credit except BicCamera in BicCamera homepage can confirm than "addition point confirmation application for the another store purchase". (point size will tell about point added in this month of confirmation application.)
※About the use in JR East, there are two points (0.5% equivalency) of products per some 1,000 yen.

[about BIC point] For more information: [the point common use of store ⇔ net] is this in detail

Merit of six BicCamera Suica cards

 Function wanting advantageous, convenient BicCamera Suica card with one piece is fulfilling

BIC point becomes Suica
The points are advantageous, and they collect by shopping and station, other shopping in BicCamera .
It is usable from today!
※At store temporary card in the case of same day issuance (it becomes just tax-included) ceiling 100,000 yen ()
※Temporary card does not gain Suica function
※Temporary card is available only at BicCamera store (not available in net shop).
First year annual convention costs for free!
When there is use of credit in the last year, after the second year, "it is free".
It is cash payment and the same percentage by credit payment 
10% of basic Point ※1
mobile Suica annual convention costs are free for the time being!
Annual convention costs of mobile Suica that cell-phone and Suica became one are free for the time being.
I do not need trouble in automatic charge easily!
It is this about automatic charge in detail

※1: In the case of 10% point product

BicCamera  Suica card application

Even Kojima accepts the enrollment; the inside!

We accept enrollment application in BicCamera  Suica card Kojima and start!

The points of 5,000 yen equivalency hit by shopping by BicCamera Suica card! Campaign

The points of 5,000 yen equivalency hit by shopping by BicCamera  Suica card! Period of use: Until Wednesday, January 31, 2018 ※It was finished.
Entry period: Until Wednesday, February 28, 2018 23:00

Entry of campaign from this

※Entry is necessary for this campaign. Please complete entry by Wednesday, February 28. We do not come in entry in temporary card.
※The use by payment method of electronic money such as Suica is out of this campaign.
※We get announcement of elected candidate with point grant (BIC point plans view Sunkus point after the middle of March, 2018 in the end of March, 2018).
※One resigned from for time to point grant is excluded.
※When we repeat with other lottery-style campaigns that view card carries out at the same time, we provide privilege in the upper limit of premium visualized method.