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BicCamera  ecotourism, household appliances recycling tour of the plant +JAL sora Eco classroom 2016

We observe the dismantling spot of force!
We can observe the dismantling spot of force including TV Air Conditioning, cell-phone!
Story about environment by pilot at JAL sora Eco classroom JAL
Scenery of sky eco-classroom
The dateSaturday, August 5 from 10:00 to 14:00
Entrance fee for free (with lunch)
ObjectThe small, junior high student whom protector can be accompanied by
(we recommend more than third grader)
Offer capacityTen groups
(to one group four people)
Meeting placeThe Tokyo Monorail "Ryutsucenter Station" outskirts
※Transfer at JR Yamanote Line Hamamatsucho Station; and approximately ten minutes (the details will inform participant directly)
Visit placeTokyo supermarket ecotown (Jonanjima, Ota-ku)
Successful announcementBy Thursday, July 27
I will inform elected candidate by email.

Acceptance was finished because of favorable reception!
Thank you for your much application.

Contact information eco@biccamera .com