Under "up to 60 times of payment in installments no interest rate" campaign enforcement!

No interest rate campaigns to 60 times of payment in installments [longest]! Our designated product (BicCamera  Kojima) We present up to 100,000 points by lot!

Payment in installments is no interest rate to up to 60 times!
BicCamera Kojima bears interest rate, fee!
We are carrying out no interest rate campaign to up to 60 times!
Target store
BicCameraKojimaAll the stores ※Except the online shop
Target product
※Maximum number of payments varies according to product ( time)
More than 100,000 yen tax-included more than tax-included 50,000 yen until 12 times of payments until 24 times of payments our up to 60 times of designated products until payment.Specifically, ask to store salesperson.
Payment method
Orico shopping loan
  • ※It is not available in net shop.
  • ※We may change target product without notice.
  • ※Point grant rate is different from payment with cash. In addition, we may be changed without notice.
  • ※The number of times of payment can be chosen.
  • ※We accept winter bonus payment summer!