BIC CAMERA store information

Under distribution popular for BIC CAMERA group original 2,017 years at all calendar stores!
From PC tablet of visitor consultation desk company (company) of company, school, government office to expendable supplies, souvenir, premium, we are suggesting at BIC special price. Please feel free to contact (TEL: 03-5956-2524) Minister of the Environment authorized eco-first company (BIC CAMERA is Eco first company first.) BIC CAMERA works on global warming measures of the Ministry of the Environment environment station
  • We support and thank for one copy of BIC CAMERA Takasaki BEE QUEEN 49th Japan girl softball league
  • Air BIC CAMERA Narita Airport second terminal store 11.25 NEW OPEN
  • Happy Christmas
  • We invite by Takarazuka opera performance S seat pair lottery! Campaign
  • BIC point mobile phone revival.
  • Smartphone becomes reward card! BIC CAMERA formula smartphone application
  • BIC chosokuben
  • Use of reward card aspect each other
  • Pokemon GO is helpful; goods!
  • Genetic test kit (full package knowing gene tendency of 280 items including cancer, myocardial infarction) is 40% off only now
  • The handling of POS cash register application "Air cash register" that is easily usable for 0 yen start
  • Net member free shipping
  • Unrivaled article Headphones
  • We can apply for my number individual number card with proof camera on the spot!
  • The Netflix Japan landing!
  • Photograph print

What's New

Bargains are varied! Excavation city of Sofmap!
Public road can run, too! It is carrying around & electric motorcycle "UPQ BIKE me01" which we can store beginning to sell by folding!
We hold Lego Christmas event at cues mall of Abe!
  • Of Abe
    Cues mall shop
  • "We hold Lego Christmas event at cues mall of Abe!

    Let's enjoy Lego by Lego Kansai highest possible event. We present Lego mini-kit to visitor who purchased Lego product more than 3.000 yen, and experience-based meeting of PlayStation is more held at the same time, too. You miss this opportunity by all means, and come to BIC CAMERA Abeno Q's MALL Store so that there is not.

  • Period
    From 1 to 31 on December
  • Target store
    Abeno Q's MALL Store
Until Sunday, January 15, 2017! nanaco point saves double! Campaign
The Beaujolais Nouveau removal of a ban
M eye point triple campaign
  • Campaign
  • Mile rate up campaign of JAL

    ①In the case of 10% of BIC point, mile of JAL which buys, and collects every 100 yen including commodity excise is usually advantageous!
    ②Exchange from mile of JAL to BIC point is advantageous!

  • Period
    Until Tuesday, January 31, 2017
  • Target store
    BIC CAMERA all the stores
    ※Net shop is excluded
M eye point triple campaign
  • Campaign
  • Until January 9, 2017 Monday (holiday)! We extend at parking time and campaign!

    Please enjoy shopping slowly at this opportunity!

  • Target store
    Tachikawa Store
    Until Monday, January 9, 2017
Ikebukuro West Store BIC DRUG opening
DOLBY ATOMOS surround experience society
Enrollment-limited from Web! Until Friday, March 31, 2017
Use of Quicpay start commemorative campaign!
Until Saturday, December 31! Campaign of the tenth anniversary of BIC CAMERA Suica card issuance
Until Tuesday, January 10, 2017! Home loan <br /> BIC point present campaign!
IDC OTSUKA X BIC CAMERA point up campaign
  • Store-limited
  • IDC OTSUKA X BIC CAMERA point up campaign

    We point 3% of BIC points and improve when we have you show IDC partners card in the check in BICQLO Shinjuku East Store, Yurakucho Store, Tachikawa Store! In addition, we improve IDC partners point 2% point when we have you show BIC reward card in the check in designated showroom of the following store of IDC OTSUKA.

  • Target store
    Yurakucho Store
    Tachikawa Store
    Until Saturday, December 31
We cut 90% of HEV which cannot prevent with conventional lens! New generation Glasses lens
New model stands; riding robot! Nine bot pro experience test-ride event
The handling of POS cash register application "Air cash register" that is easily usable for 0 yen start
Make PS4 Final Fantasy XV <Deluxe Edition, normal version> reservation; the inside!