BIC CAMERA store information

From PC tablet of visitor consultation desk company (company) of company, school, government office to expendable supplies, souvenir, premium, we are suggesting at BIC special price. Please feel free to contact (TEL: 03-5956-2524) Minister of the Environment authorized eco-first company (BIC CAMERA is Eco first company first.) BIC CAMERA works on global warming measures of the Ministry of the Environment environment station
  • It is suggested present of Valentine by BIC CAMERA
  • We are carrying out no interest rate campaign to up to 60 times!
  • Photography bus tour of favorable reception! 32, Ashigakubo horn icicle and treasure mountain climbing Japanese allspice photography day return tour
  • BIC point mobile phone revival.
  • Smartphone becomes reward card! BIC CAMERA formula smartphone application
  • BIC chosokuben
  • Use of reward card aspect each other
  • Pokemon GO is helpful; goods!
  • The handling of POS cash register application "Air cash register" that is easily usable for 0 yen start
  • Net member free shipping
  • Unrivaled article Headphones
  • Reform estimate free of charge of BIC CAMERA

What's New

About Nintendo Swich (Nintendo switch) reservation reception desk
Periodical lecture by Mr. Reiji Asakura
Bargains are varied! Excavation city of Sofmap!
Your favorite wide train photocontest result announcement
We draw lots and sell PlayStation®VR
It is lottery BIC CAMERA Takasaki Gullah pop
Talk show, photography society by Masuda, rock, paper, scissors meet was held Fujioka, inner player of Chiba Lotte Marines in Kashiwa Store on Sunday, January 8!
Until Tuesday, January 31! Town card Festa Osaka 2017! Under holding!
HFM schedule notebook present!
New model stands; riding robot! Nine bot pro experience test-ride event
Public road can run, too! It is carrying around & electric motorcycle "UPQ BIKE me01" which we can store beginning to sell by folding!
M eye point triple campaign
  • Campaign
  • Mile rate up campaign of JAL

    ①In the case of 10% of BIC point, mile of JAL which buys, and collects every 100 yen including commodity excise is usually advantageous!
    ②Exchange from mile of JAL to BIC point is advantageous!

  • Period
    Until Tuesday, January 31, 2017
  • Target store
    BIC CAMERA all the stores
    ※Net shop is excluded
Ikebukuro West Store BIC DRUG opening
Enrollment-limited from Web! Until Friday, March 31, 2017
IDC OTSUKA X BIC CAMERA point up campaign