It was chosen as environmental advanced company by the "Eco first" first

Ministry of the Environment founded BicCamera
Of "the eco-first system"
As the first,
Promise of "the eco-first"
We perform.

eco FIRST first

BicCamera Of this
As environmental advanced company
Approach of global environment maintenance

Because BicCamera recognizes social responsibility as company suggesting richer life of customer through retail business, and it is thorough, and contribution to society does legal compliance through environment consideration positively, we will push forward the following approaches.

  • 1. We promote approach for realization of recycling society positively.
  • 2. For formation promotion of low-carbon society, we promote CO2 discharge reduction positively.
  • 3. We promote CO2 discharge reduction through operation in consideration for environment positively.
  • 4. We try for environmental education, improvement of environmental awareness.

BIC CAMERA INC. identifies the promotion situation of the approach mentioned above, and about the result
We will announce in CSR site of report to Ministry of the Environment and homepage.

ECO FIRST promotion meeting

We promise approach about own environmental conservation,
"Eco first mark"
Use was authorized of this.