It was chosen as environmental advanced company by the "Eco first" first

BIC CAMERA performs promise of "the eco-first" as the first of "the eco-first system" that Ministry of the Environment founded.

eco FIRST first

On April 21, 2011, BIC CAMERA catches the achievement of aim,
Promise that evolved more We exchanged with the Minister of the Environment.

BIC CAMERA no environmental conservation activity

  1. We promote approach for the formation of recycling society positively.
  2. We promote cooperation between companies in environmental field beyond frame of industry positively.
  3. We promote enlightenment activities such as cooperation to challenge 25 campaign positively.
  4. We promote CO2 discharge reduction through spread of energy saving type products promotion positively.
  5. We promote the making of environment-conscious shop.
We promise approach about own environmental conservation,
"Eco first mark"
Use of no was authorized.
ECO FIRST promotion meeting