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We are downloaded by App Store Android app on Google Play

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Official smartphone application became more convenient!
BicCamera Offcial APP

NEWS such as advantageous coupon or flyer reaches customer when we download BicCamera application!
Reward card function powers up! The use of net shop became more convenient, too!

Downloading from this!

We are downloaded by App Store Android app on Google Play
App store is this

App Store is this

Google Play is this

Google Play Store is this

App Store is service mark of Apple Inc.

FAQs BicCamera JMB WAON card registration method
Screenshot Screenshot

Under advantageous coupon delivery! Application-limited video is exhibited, too!

Point confirmation

Point confirmation

Sorry to have kept you waiting! In response to request,
It came to be usable as reward card!
It is just available in each Kojima Sofmap shop!

Photograph choice screen

Photograph print

Photograph which collects to smartphone
We came to be able to print on simple beauty.

Flyer reading


We send the latest flyer to smartphone.
As we increase and can read, we do not miss advantageous information!



BicCamera store and BicCamera. It is usable in com
We send advantageous coupon!



Advantageous campaign or recommended product
We send various information!

Net shop

Net shop

Net shop function became more convenient!
BicCamera. Com is free shipping at BIC special price!

We would like management of subscriber ID (e-mail address), password severely

It might lead to the spoofing unjust purchase by any chance when subscriber ID (e-mail address), password leaks out to third party. We recommend that we change password regularly.
In addition, in member 様, we would like password to set in "subscriber ID" (e-mail address) to use thing unlike password of other companies site. When the same password is set, we recommend what is changed immediately.
We can perform password change and subscriber ID (e-mail address) from [member menu] after the login.

  • <example of password that is not recommended>
  • ・Password of others site and combined use
  • ・Password (example) member ID:kaiinid012@xxx.xx, password of character string same as subscriber ID (e-mail address): kaiinid012
  • ・Only as for the English letter, it is password (example) abcdefgh, 9999999 such as number chisels

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