With BicDrug

Including OTC drug (OTC pharmaceutical products), we have daily necessities such as Shampoo or detergent.
Consultation about health by pharmacist, registration distributor and suggestion of health care household appliances by BicCamera salesperson support health of visitor including guidance. We wait for visit of visitor by convenience and assortment of goods of station square location.

※Content of handling item and service may vary according to store. Look at list of following stores in addition.

We do shopping with point

I can buy medicine and daily necessities with point that bought household appliances! Of course it is BIC Point with medicine and daily necessities!

※It fluctuates about presence, grant rate of point grant by store, product.

We do shopping on the Internet

BicCamera. When we have medicine and daily necessities can purchase even com and purchase more than 1,900 yen (Tax-free),
Free shipping!
Of course it is BIC Point in net shop!

BicDrug to be able to buy on the Internet Shopping of pharmaceutical products Shopping of daily necessities