As for the setting such as peripheral device, the Internet, leave it to me from PC setting! We support PC digitally easily

Store, visit, telephone & remote such as PC setting

Shop of store support service is this

Embarrassing leaf of PC entrusts you! Monthly basis reliable supportThe advice of recovery disk makingDo you not have a problem with data erasing of old Hard Disk of trouble, standard? Hard Disk destruction service

<at the time of the purchase> It is recommended in person who does not like PC and busy one! Store, visit, telephone & remote

We are reliable at the time of the purchase

  • Store, visit support
  • Telephone & remote

"We were in trouble" of PC tablet TV is settled at home! We prepare for all 8 visit support courses!

Support that is convenient relief with the purchase of PC

   ※Stated value becomes all consumption tax distinction.

We do not understand connection of the Internet…
Internet connection

Internet connection setting
Connection setting of the Internet
※Setting of router and modem is inapplicable
3,000 yen
Mail account setting
To one PC of one set
Provider e-mail address setting
3,000 yen
Only as for the visit
Router connection setting
Of broadband router of wiring
Connection, setting
5,000 yen
File Sharing Setup
PC which is connected to network
no file Sharing Setup
3,000 yen
We want to use data of PC using again now…
We want to move data to new PC from old PC

Data shift
(to sudandado /10GB)
As for the PC which does not start
Please do not give up.
We restore by important data.

※We may not do it physically.
14,000 yen
Data shift (capacity addition /10GB)1,000 yen
Data shift (user addition)3,000 yen
We started up PC for the first time…
We do not understand initial setup of PC

PC body setting
As for the PC which we purchased in net, another store
Leave it to me.
3,000 yen
User open addition trust fund2,000 yen
Recovery disk making
PC is broken; and the repair price
Leave it to professional staff of our store by all means before becoming large.
5,000 yen
Recovery installation
We correct PC in state at the time of shipment.
10,000 yen
We want to use print or Digital Camera with PC…
We do not understand neighboring general instrument setting such as Printer

Printer connection setting
In state that can make prints with PC PC of connection, setting Windows 8 of driver
Downloading is required.
Person who has lost setting software of Printer copes.
3,000 yen
Peripheral device setting3,000 yen
We have access to HDD drive and set5,000 yen
Digital Camera connection setting3,000 yen

<after the purchase> We meet PC trouble and trouble! Store, visit support

We are reliable after the purchase

Trouble and lesson after the purchase support so good, too!

   ※Stated value becomes all consumption tax distinction.

If we use PC…
PC did not start suddenly

PC start restoration10,000 yen
Trouble diagnosis (60 minutes)5,000 yen
Clean up of system9,000 yen
Other system troubles9,000 yen
Advertisement email and request screen are displayed…
We might be infected with virus

Virus search, the tool extermination3,000 yen
The virus manual operation extermination9,000 yen
Spyware measures setting3,000 yen
Fire wall setting3,000 yen
We are using the Internet…
It did not lead to Internet mail
Only as for the visit Internet-related trouble restoration3,000 yen
File Sharing Setup3,000 yen
Network cordless handset setting3,000 yen
PLC adapter one open addition trust fund3,000 yen
Movement of the present PC is slow…
We want to make movement early with PC more comfortably

Storage device enlargement, exchange2,000 yen
We work on built-in drive installation, exchange5,000 yen
Internal board installation setting3,000 yen
Other built-in apparatus setting3,000 yen
For sudden death…
We want to keep to different apparatus not to lose data

Backup (standard /10GB)14,000 yen
Backup (capacity addition /10GB)1,000 yen
Hard Disk copy14,000 yen
As for the support except Windows…
Mac and game console perform setting, setup, too

MacOS upgrading9,000 yen
BootCamp installation9,000 yen
Game console Internet connection3,000 yen
Other digital appliance setting5,000 yen

Visit fee structure

Basic visit rate
Visit rate
(service area 1)
Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama
The Hamamatsu, Shizuoka city in Takasaki-shi, Gunma
Aichi, Mie, Gifu
Osaka, Kyoto, Nara
The Okayama, Okayama city
The Hiroshima, Hiroshima city
The Fukuoka, Fukuoka city
The Kagoshima, Kagoshima city
Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido (Minami-ku is excluded)
4,000 yen
Visit rate
(service area 2)
Area except service area 1
10,000 yen


The basis


Optional service
Same day aid rate  
We rush within 24 hours.
3,000 yen
Additional work rate  
Additional charge in case of work more than 30 minutes
4,000 yen
Re-visit rate  
・Work, parts replacement more than two hours
・By circumstances of visitor
Is more than two times; when is visited,
We charge re-visit rate separately.
2,000 yen
Night rate (from 18:00 to 20:00)2,000 yen
Midnight extra charge (from 20:00 to 24:00)5,000 yen
Early-morning rate (from 7:00 to 10:00)5,000 yen

It is digital support course menu easily ※It includes all course basics visits charges!

※We can confirm detailed menu when we click button.

PC initial setting Windows Mac

It is recommended toward the beginner!

Support reliable from unpacking, setting of PC to initial setting, operation check!
We prepare a lot of courses where are good to person worried about setting!

Standard course9,000 yen
Unpacking setting / initial setting / operation explanation (15 minutes)
Peripheral device one setting
Internet course12,000 yen
Unpacking setting / initial setting / operation explanation (15 minutes)
Internet connection / email setting
Wireless LAN, WiFi course18,800 yen
Unpacking setting / initial setting / operation explanation (15 minutes)
Radio, WiFi Internet connection / email setting
Data and setting whole moving course18,800 yen
Unpacking setting / initial setting / Internet connection
Printer connection / data shift

※It becomes setting of each one course PC.

Senior-limited reliable Pack

It is limited items 60 years old or older

We support uneasiness in case of the purchase thoroughly to be available toward the senior in peace!

To person who wants to begin the Internet using PC
Let's begin! Internet course9,300 yen
PC delivery setting / initial setting / operation explanation (60 minutes)
<object apparatus: One PC>
To person using Digital Camera for the first time
Let's begin! Digital Camera course9,300 yen
PC delivery setting / initial setting / operation explanation (60 minutes)
<object apparatus: One Digital Camera>
To person having a problem with terrestrial digital setting method
Let's begin! Terrestrial digital course5,500 yen
Household appliances delivery setting / initial setting / operation explanation (60 minutes)
<object apparatus: One TV> <object apparatus: One deji household appliance>
In-home network Pack

Let's begin the Internet!

Internet life comfortable in house!
Troublesome network setting entrusts you entirely!

Start course8,300 yen
Internet connection / operation explanation (15 minutes)
Setting and operation check between DLNA apparatuses
Standard course16,800 yen
Internet connection / operation explanation (15 minutes)
Setting and operation check of three DLNA apparatuses
Deluxe course18,800 yen
Internet connection / operation explanation (15 minutes)
Setting and operation check of six DLNA apparatuses
Super deluxe course23,300 yen
Internet connection / operation explanation (15 minutes)
Setting and operation check /NAS of six DLNA apparatuses

Basic menu

It is inquiry of digital support PC easily

Service support counter setting shop

Hokkaido, Niigata
Sapporo Store011-261-1111 Niigata Store025-248-1111
Ikebukuro PC Store03-5956-1111 Ikebukuro West Store03-5960-1111
Yurakucho Store03-5221-1111 Akasaka-Mitsuke Station Store03-6230-1111
BICQLO03-3226-1111 Shinjuku West Store03-5326-1111
Shibuya East Store03-5466-1111 Tachikawa Store042-548-1111
JR Hachioji Station Store042-646-1111 Seiseki-sakuragaoka Station Store042-310-1111
Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Ibaraki, Gunma
Lazona Kawasaki Store044-520-1111 Yokohama West Store045-320-0002
Shin-Yokohama Store045-478-1111 Fujisawa Store0466-29-1111
Sagami-Ono Station Store042-701-1111 Omiya West SOGO Store048-647-1111
Kashiwa Store04-7165-1111 Funabashi Store047-460-1111
Takasaki East Store027-327-2111 Mito Station Store029-303-1111
Shizuoka, Aichi
Hamamatsu Store053-455-1111 Nagoya Station West Store052-459-1111
West Japan, Kyushu
JR Kyoto Station Store075-353-1111 Namba Store06-6634-1111
Abeno Q's MALL Store06-6631-1111 Okayama Station Store086-236-1111
Tenjin ① building092-732-1112 Kagoshima-Chuo Station Store099-814-1111

Specifically, please refer to store salesperson.