Use of points phase each other, exchange, partner service

You can just use Kojima reward card Sofmap card.

BIC reward card is available in Kojima Sofmap all the stores, too.

※Point to be given varies according to stores. For more details, please consult to salesperson.
※Effective period of Kojima reward card and Sofmap reward card is one year from last use day.
(as for Sofmap Premium CLUB card, two years become valid duration from last use day.)
※We are not given purchase point of Sofmap in BicCamera , Kojima.
※As for the customer that reissue of each reward card is hoped for, I would like procedure at store of origin of each issuance.
※BicCamera. In com, Kojima net, Sofmap dot-com of reward card cannot use mutually.

About point exchange

Point exchange

We can change "BIC point" for "Kojima point" of BicCamera group or "Sofmap point" mutually. When you do shopping in shop of BicCamera group of neighborhood, please utilize.

Kojima point partner service

Kojima point tie-up

The exchange rate

1 BIC point = 1 Kojima point

Switching method

Operator continuance of point is necessary before shopping. Bring "BIC reward card" and "Kojima customer card POINT PLUS" to shop of neighborhood.

Sofmap point switch service

Sofmap point exchange

The exchange rate

1 BIC point = 1 Sofmap point

Switching method

Bring "BIC reward card" and "Sofmap card" to each BicCamera Sofmap shop store.

Net shop BicCamera. We can change point in com.
・We transfer BicCamera / "Kojima point" "Sofmap point" to "BIC point"

※Point operator continuance is necessary each time, I am sorry to trouble you, but I would like operator continuance before the check.
※We cannot change BIC point at purchase point of Sofmap.
※We cannot change at BIC point from purchase point of Sofmap card.