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BicCamera Shinjuku West Store

The BicCamera  Shinjuku West Store appearance
Business hours
Always 10:00 a.m. without holiday - 9:00 p.m.
1-5-1, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Shinjuku west exit Hulk 2F - 7F
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Job Opportunities
Part-time job employment information
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The nearest station

Parking lot

Guidance of handling product

Apple product repair service
Air Conditioning, heater, air cleaner, humidifier, Vacuums & Floorcare, Iron sewing machine, Refrigerator, washing machine, Wine Cellar, Rice Cookers, range Kitchen appliances, water purifier, dishwasher, sunlight, toilet bowl with warm water flush system for washing user, reform
Beauty & Health, Lighting・Bedclothing (umou Duvet), Toys, game, Watches & Clocks, Glasses ⁄ Contact Lenses, medicine
PC, Apple Shop, Suitcase
Cell-phone, smartphone, Electronic Piano
BicycleRiders cafeBargain smartphone, status cheap SIM card
TV audio system, picture ⁄ music software
Camera·Video Camera, photograph print

Guidance of service

Service support counter
We buy and take a trade-in on
Repair reception desk, order receipt
PC support
Smartphone support
Reserve Online
Pick-Up In Store counter

※Place to pick-up your products is on the email.
Free Wi-Fi
Free Internet service
Receipt issuance
Stationed-in-bike-race ticket service
Changing battery, repair of Watches & Clocks
Consultation of the Internet
BIC light store reception desk
BIC SIM store application
Sound, MNP contract real time issuance
From 10:00 to 20:00
Prescription reception desk, dispensing pharmacy
Cowound future Shinjuku west exit drugstore
The shortest next day airport delivery

※We may become caretaker depending on contents which may be different from store business hours in time in by service.

Guidance of facilities ⁄ other stores

※Please confirm each homepage about inquiry, business hours to each shop.

Event information

It is reopened on reform November 23 of BIC

Renewal large ju*, reform counter on the sixth floor!

We prepare for 9 biggest privilege as renewal campaign. Held by renewal campaign advantageous at all including campaign that is discounted by 10,000 yen by replacement by purchase of gas hot water supply of 3% point up and our designation by making a promise our designated built-in gas ring in an example!
In addition, we prepare number-limited special price product as reopening sale. By all means this chance of passing over please use Shinjuku West Store so that there is not.

YA-MAN beauty household appliances experience society

Free trial society
It is event to have you sense number of skin after use in front of, use of beauty apparatus by professional staff bodily with exclusive tablet in special booth before the fifth-floor down escalator
Period From Friday, March 31 to Sunday, April 2
Holding place: Beauty & Health section on the fifth floor
  • Official smartphone application smartphone to reward card!
  • BICSIM counter
  • We accept changing battery
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