Air cash register

Product which is helpful for all of small and medium size companies through Air cash register service counter in BicCamera ·We send service.

Air cash register

In iPad, peripheral device of Air cash register is BicCamera., too We can purchase in com

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Air cash register?

Air cash register is POS cash register application to be easily usable for 0 yen.

With Air cash register

Necessary one only in iPad or iPhone and the Internet environment. Anyone is begun to employ right now.

Furthermore, as you can use more usefully if there are receipt Printer and kyasshudoroa, we reduce duties load of shop concerning accounts by introducing Air cash register and come to be able to flow into by power that is more easily enough for "hospitality" by commercial activity.

Service counter?

Look, "Air cash register service counter" which we try and can talk about

Service counter

We actually operate and, in BicCamera , can experience about Air cash register and peripheral device.

You can talk with specialized salesperson including operation and setting method directly and can purchase all apparatuses necessary for Air cash registers such as iPad, receipt Printer, kyasshudoroa on the spot, too.
※Specialized salesperson is not resident in "Air cash register mini-service counter".

In addition, you can hear detailed explanation about systems such as reduction tax rate measures subsidies, and please feel free to contact in available one of Air cash register as soon as you purchase and arrived.

Reduction tax rate measures subsidy?

Air cash register is service targeted for reduction tax rate measures subsidy of Small and Medium Enterprise Agency designation.
※We correspond to reduction tax rate measures subsidy "A-3 type mobile POS cash register system".

Reduction tax rate measures subsidy

When people of medium and small-sized business, small scale company perform introduction of plural cash registers for tax rate, consumption tax reduction tax rate system (plural tax rates) is system to assist some expenses.

We can apply for reduction tax rate measures subsidy about expense in case of the use by purchase expense of peripheral devices such as iPad, receipt printer or drawer necessary for the use of Air cash register and initial setting, product registration service.