Point-of-sale terminal system to help with

We reserve service counter

With POS+


We support store operation and efficiency of management
Cloud type mobile POS cash register

POS+ is cloud-shaped POS cash register system which is available widely from large store to retail store.
Various systems and cooperation to raise substantial analysis feature and convenience in correspondence with various types of industry business if it is POS+ are possibilities.
It is POS cash register support system of shop supporting effective store operation, management!

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Characteristic of +3 POS

In correspondence with wide type of industry, we are supported by flexible support by total

It is equipped with abundant standard function

It is equipped with standard function

POS+ equips diligence and indolence management, shift making function with various functions from accounts function by default!

It supports various types of industry business

We cope with various types of industry

POS+ supports retail store, restaurant, various types of industry including hair salon. Please consult about store examining!

We cope with utmost support system

Utmost support system

By call center 365 days free in POS+, no limit as rush, and there is support system, is reliable!

POS+ lineup

We introduce lineup to characteristic of each industry

Retail store
  • ・We consolidate stock duties
  • ・It supports satisfying sales promotion
  • ・Various analysis feature
  • ・Uniform management of data
  • ・External system and cooperation
  • ・We cope with inbound
Small store
  • ・The most suitable price plan
  • ・External system and cooperation
  • ・ka where analysis data look like
Hair salon
  • ・Management of stylist
  • ・We consolidate customer information
  • ・The smooth outside cooperation

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POS cash register introduction entrusts you


At 11 stores of BicCamera , we establish POS+ service counter.
In POS+ service counter, professional staff visits the use environment of customer and suggests plan of POS+ which is good to customer.
Customer of consideration come to BicCamera by POS cash register introduction by all means!

  POS cash register +

If experience \ POS+; is/from here

We reserve service counter

Flow of POS+ introduction

We install in your shop in a minimum period of 20 business days


Service counter reservation

We choose "time" from list of POS+ counters page on "store of visit" "plan examining" "date" and make a reservation.

STEP 21 business days

Consultation, estimate

We have you come to store making a reservation, and BicCamera POS+ professional staff confirms store environment of customer and will suggest.

STEP 310 business days

Contract, payment

We fill out contract and become contract establishment and pay. Please wait until peripheral device reaches shop afterward.

STEP 420 business days

POS+ setting, setting

If apparatus arrives, we perform setting, setting. As we can receive explanation of most suitable how to use, the first person, please feel relieved, too.

As if anxiety "having done what if apparatus breaks down" "not to understand operation" is POS+, there is support system for 24 hours; relief!

Let's experience BicCamera !

POS+ service counter

We can talk with professional staff

We talk with professional staff

Professional staff is resident in POS+ service counter. We suggest price plan that is good to customer.
※There is store where professional staff is not resident.

We can operate actual machine of peripheral device

We can operate actual machine

As we can confirm a feeling of size and operation of peripheral device, we can image operation in store.
※There is store which does not set up some peripheral devices.

We can purchase peripheral device on the spot

We can purchase peripheral device

Of course contract, the purchase is possible on the spot, too. POS+ just waits for notice kuo afterward in your shop.
※When there is not store stock of peripheral device, by delivery to home is sent.

Please consult with BicCamera \ by all means! /

We reserve service counter