Product for people of retail store


POS+ retail4 horn characteristic

Coco of POS+ retail is recommended!


We unify stock We can manage by unification of stock!

Stock inquiry, receiving and shipping, inspection, inventory are realized with one piece of tablet by cash register accounts. Inventory control that is effective by unification of stock is possible.


It supports satisfying sales promotion Satisfying sales promotion correspondence is possible!

We cope with sale, unit shop pricing including set and various sales promotion. Sales promotion activity that is effective in warm one which we can set which accorded with the spot is possible.


Various analysis feature Various analysis feature can conjugate!

In eight analysis items, we analyze store condition in real time. It supports sales promotion and can utilize analysis data for improvement of the spot operation.


A variety of store forms We cope with a variety of store forms!

From one store, it is available depending on several hundred franchisees, scale of shop including special store. We largely reduce operating time of management.

By function that cost special price in retail store, we support duties efficiency and improvement in profit realization tameno!

Recommended function commentary

We introduce some functions that itchy place can reach


POS+ logo Efficiency of duties

  • Real-time count
  • It is largely reducible by automatic making of various bills, closure work by real-time count in accounts and customer information. In addition, we can aim at further sales up if we analyze customer data and apply in sales promotion.
  Real-time count

POS+ logo We promote

  • Set bundle management
  • Set bundle sale and sale sale can set each store, condition including period and are applied at the time of accounts automatically. We can perform member attribute and approaches such as DM in credit effectively.
  Sales promotion

POS+ logo Accurate inventory control

  • Inventory, inventory control
  • As grasp is enabled in accuracy including inventory duties from automatic count and bar-code reading from sale product, other stores movement and stock and forwarding, it is for prevention of stock difference.
  Accurate inventory control

POS+ logo Efficiency of personnel expenses

  • The results analysis according to time
  • In sales change analysis according to day, time, appropriate placement of the staff can increase and decrease. By efficiency of personnel expenses, it leads to cost reduction.
  Efficiency of personnel expenses

We have service that "separately additional application" needs for the optional service mentioned above.
For more details, please confirm in service counter.


We support your shop!

At BicCamera 11 store, we establish service counter of POS+. Professional staff hears the use environment of customer and does suggestion that is good to shop. Customer during POS cash register consideration come to POS+ service counter by all means!

  POS cash register tablet

/which helps with \ duties efficiency

We reserve service counter

POS+ retail price plan

Monthly basis rate
Monthly basis 12,000 yen ...
System charge
System charge
Introduction expense
About 450,000 yen ...
Initial expense, peripheral device price
Initial expense, peripheral device price

As amount of money changes with the number of the introduction stores and necessary apparatus, please consult in service counter - in detail.

Peripheral device at the time of introduction

  • Tablet
  • Tablet
  • In cash register system unit settling account
    We use.
  • Printer
  • Printer
  • I hand to customer
    We issue receipt.
  • Mud, wow
  • Cash
    Mud, wow
  • Machine parts which hold cash.
    We open automatically.
  • Access point
  • Access point
  • It is Wi-Fi in iPad, Printer
    It is broadcast machine to be connected in this.
  • Customer VDT
  • Customer
  • It is screen to show amount of money to.
  • Automatic change machine
  • Automatic change machine
  • We prevent change handing over error,
    We close cash register and promote efficiency of duties.
  • Bar code reader
  • Bar-code
  • Bar-code data
    It is apparatus to read.
  • Rolled paper
  • Rolled paper
  • It is printing paper of Printer.

Apparatus which is necessary at the time of introduction is different in the use environment, price plan to have you choose of customer.

Flow of POS+ introduction

We install in your shop in a minimum period of 20 business days


Service counter reservation

We choose "time" from list of POS+ counters page on "store of visit" "plan examining" "date" and make a reservation.

STEP 21 business days

Consultation, estimate

POS+ professional staff of BicCamera asks about store environment of customer if come to store and will suggest.

STEP 310 business days

Contract, payment

If we make a contract and are established, we fill out contract and pay. Please wait until peripheral device reaches shop afterward.

STEP 420 business days

POS+ setting, setting

If apparatus arrives, we perform setting, setting. As we can receive explanation of most suitable how to use, the first person, please feel relieved, too.

As for the anxiety "having done what if apparatus breaks down" "not to understand operation,"
As there is support system for 24 hours, POS+ is reliable!


BicCamera supports duties efficiency of restaurant!

At BicCamera 11 store, we establish service counter of POS+. Professional staff hears the use environment of customer and does suggestion that is good to shop. Customer during POS cash register consideration come to POS+ service counter by all means!

  POS+ service counter―

/which supports \ prosperity management

We reserve service counter