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Delivery, construction

Is usable immediately; "today delivery service on the next day!"

It is usable immediately and sends today on the next day!

In the case of delivery on that day

For example, in the case of reception desk until ... 15:00 on that day

We send for from 18:00 to 23:00!

※It is limited to our designated area. ※You may not use this service by the stock situation, condition, delivery area of product. ※When setting is necessary, on the day delivery is not available. ※Contents of service are different from net shop. For more details, ask to store salesperson.

We accept designated delivery in delivery date, time.

Delivery designated in delivery date, time

To convenience of the destination, you can choose date, time zone you like free.

It is 21:00 from 20:00, ⑥ 20:00 from 18:00, ⑤ 18:00 from 16:00, ④ 16:00 from 14:00, ③ 14:00 from 12:00, ② 12:00 from delivery designated for six wards, ① 8:00

We accept delivery (Refrigerator, washing machine, TV) with setting work by designation for three wards in time.
※When setting is necessary, on the day delivery is not available.

It is 18:00 from 14:00, ③ 16:00 from 12:00, ② 12:00 from setting, delivery designated for three wards, ① 8:00

※We may not send by traffic condition before time you like. Time zone when can be specified may vary according to the destination.


Repair of household appliances, please feel free to contact!


Time in: From 9:00 to 21:00
It is available from cell-phone, PHS.



jikomishuri accepts repair in BicCamera of each places of the whole country. We buy other than the BicCamera , and even product of request accepts repair. Please bring in casually.

For more information:

Taking care of repair

Taking care of

Cases without store of BicCamera are available for repair by taking care of near. It is available to convenience of customer from taking care of of product to delivery after repair.

For more information:

Business trip repair

We accept repair such as large products (Refrigerator, washing machine, Air Conditioning TV) over telephone. Please feel free to contact.

Household appliances recycling

Household appliances Law for the Promotion of Utilization of Recycled Resources of resources is law for the purpose of collecting specific domestic equipment, and commercializing again to promote effectively utilizing. When dispose of Refrigerator, washing machine, Air Conditioning TV, the following amount of money of customer burden. We accept inquiry, application in each BicCamera shop.

<domestic main makers> risakuru rate of four items of target household appliances

Target product
TVRefrigeratorWashing machineAir Conditioning
Cathode ray tube-type TVPlasma television
LCD television
Wine Cellar
Washing machine
Clothing dryer
Air Conditioning
SizeMore than 16 typeLower than 15 typeMore than 16 typeLower than 15 typeMore than 171L170L or lessThere is not size division
Rate ⁄1 stand
2,200 yen ...1,200 yen ...2,700 yen ...1,700 yen ...4,300 yen ...3,400 yen ...2,300 yen ...900 yen ...
Collection porterage
⁄ Nothing (Tax-free)
In the case of the purchase (replacement by purchase), only in the case of 1,500 yen ⁄ taking care of, it is 2,500 yen with product

When we have you buy a new in our store, we leave with only in the case of taking care of or delivery setting place, and, as for the collection porterage when taking care of place is different, it is sunlight 2,500 yen (Tax-free) uniformly.
※Recycling rate may be different from the rate mentioned above, and it, please confirm maker name of home electric appliances of errand on request by maker. Please feel free to ask us for details.
※When prior procedure is not done, we cannot accept four items of taking care of (collection) targeted for the Law for the Promotion of Utilization of Recycled Resources mentioned above. Please consult to salesperson of neighborhood.


Air Conditioning cleaning

The inside of Air Conditioning which begins to use, and passed more than three years is full of dust or oil dirt, mold and tick, bad smells that it spread. Therefore, for the making of comfortable environment, we recommend cleaning once in three years.


Thorough cleaning by professional staff!
Furthermore, we perform check of each Air Conditioning part!

It is air-conditioning driving, remote control movement, peculiar noise, tape, buckling up of dirt, the plumbing of drain hose, the measurement of blocking, refrigerant pressure of batter, heat exchanger reliable check of +7 Air Conditioning inside washing

Air Conditioning cleaning 9,500 yen (Tax-free)

※The rate mentioned above is standard price. We may have additional charge by the installation situation and the dirt degree of Air Conditioning. Case that we cannot clean depending on model and shape is state. When parts replacement and work except cleaning are necessary, it is rate separately.

Digital support

We support digitally easily


Even sudden trouble prepares for service to be able to use digital support for in peace setting, how to use. We meet request of customer on store, telephone, business trip!

For more information:

We support smartphone easily


Even sudden trouble prepared for service to be able to use digital support for in peace setting, how to use. ※We carry out at some stores.

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Back-order product arrival situation inquiry

You can confirm the arrival situation of product which you ordered in shop on the Internet. Please prepare slip handing in the case of confirmation on order.

To arrival situation inquiry screen