We try touch by application and hit! Campaign

We try touch by application and hit! Campaign

From customer who has you do entry during period, and used "touch by application" at target store, it is BIC point 1,000 points present for 50 people by lot!

From Tuesday, September 1, 2020 to Wednesday, September 30
Target store
BicCamera Ikebukuro Main StoreIkebukuro PC StoreIkebukuro East Camera StoreIkebukuro West StoreYurakucho StoreNihonbashi MitsukoshiShibuya East StoreShibuya Hachikoguchi StoreSelect Harajuku storeShinjuku West StoreBICQLO Shinjuku East StoreShinjuku Station East StoreAkasaka-Mitsuke Station StoreAKIBA Store (Akihabara)Select Roppongi Station storeSeiseki-sakuragaoka Station StoreKEIO CHOFU StoreTachikawa StoreJR Hachioji Station StoreMachida StoreLazona Kawasaki StoreShin-Yokohama StoreYokohama West StoreIto-Yokado Tama Plaza Store, Fujisawa StoreSagami-Ono Station StoreKashiwa StoreFunabashi Tobu shopFunabashi Station FACE StoreOmiya West SOGO StoreTokorozawa Station storeTakasaki East StoreMito Station StoreSapporo StoreNiigata StoreHamamatsu StoreNagoya Station West StoreNagoya JR GATE TOWER Store, JR Kyoto Station StoreSelect Kyoto-Shijo Kawaramachi store, Namba StoreAbeno Q's MALL Store, Ario Yao StoreOkayama Station StoreHiroshima Station StoreTenjin 1st StoreTenjin 2nd StoreKagoshima-Chuo Station StoreBicToys PRIMETREE AKAIKE Store
Application method

We log in to BicCamera formula application or download and subscribe newly
Downloading of BicCamera formula application is this

②We are logging in and touch application by application with electronic shelf bill ※Please use in latest version.
③We do entry from the following entry form and we input necessary item and transmit

■Instructions on applying
・Terminal touch-response by application: After iPhone7, it is equipped with Android NFC function (we recommend after OS7)
 (when you have NFC non-correspondence terminal, you read bar-code from "scan function by application", and please participate)
・We get successful announcement with grant of point.
・Grant of point schedules yoku々tsuki.
・We draw lots by tightening every month every month at end.
・Right of election to third party cannot transfer.
・You update for the latest application, and please use. (more than application version iOS4.0.23 more than Android4.0.25)
・Campaign may become end without notice. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
・Entry becomes one-off per person. Successful probability does not rise even if we have plural entries.
※This campaign is campaign that BIC CAMERA INC. hosts and does not stop at Apple Inc., Apple Japan combination company.

Touch is so convenient by application!

We are involved by application

It is usage of touch by application

Support model and touch method

We are involved by application We are involved by application
We are involved by application

We comment by comics! We are involved by application

We comment by comics! We are involved by application We download application of BicCamera right now!

※As of September 1, 2020, you can use "touch only in BicCamera Ikebukuro Main Store, Ikebukuro West Store, Ikebukuro PC Store, Ikebukuro East Camera Store, Yurakucho Store, Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi, Shibuya East Store, Shibuya Hachikoguchi Store, select Harajuku shop, BICQLO Shinjuku east exit shop, Shinjuku West Store, Shinjuku Station East Store, Akasaka-Mitsuke Station Store, AKIBA, select Roppongi Station shop, Keio Chofu shop, Tachikawa Store, JR Hachioji Station Store, Machida Store, Keio Chofu shop, Seisekisakuragaoka Station Store, Lazona Kawasaki Store, Shin-Yokohama Store, Yokohama West Store, Fujisawa Store, Sagami-Ono Station Store, Kashiwa Store, Omiya west exit shop, Tokorozawa Station shop, Funabashi Tobu shop, Funabashi Station FACE shop, Ito-Yokado Tama Plaza Store, Sapporo Store, Mito Station Store, Takasaki East Store, Niigata Store, Hamamatsu Store, Nagoya Station West Store, Nagoya JR GATE TOWER Store, prime tree Akaike shop, JR Kyoto Station Store, select Kyoto-Shijo Kawaramachi shop, Namba Store, Abeno Q's MALL Store, Ario Yao Store, Okayama Station Store, Hiroshima Station Store, Tenjin 1st Store, Tenjin 2nd Store, Kagoshima-Chuo Station Store by application". ※Terminal touch-response by application: After iPhone7, Android NFC function-based (recommend after OS7); (when have NFC non-correspondence terminal, read bar-code from "scan function by application", and please use)