bitcoin is usable in BicCamera all the stores!

bitcoin is usable in BicCamera  all the stores!

It is available at some stores of Kojima Sofmap.

※Stores specializing in Kojima x BicCamera Kashiwa Store, in-shop in Shizuoka store and Apple repair services remove some stores.

※Account establishment in exchange is necessary for the use.
※It may cost remittance fee of number 100 - several thousand yen separately (it varies according to used exchanges).
※I suffer from the following cases reception desk error and may return Bitcoin later from binary digit fryer company after confirming payment.
①When "setting of remittance fee is low by the use bitFlyer wallet
②When wallet generating special payment is used
③When remittance processing cannot identify the delay receipt of money by the situation such as exchange, wallet application that is used

※Net shop BicCamera. Even com came to be available.
Net shop BicCamera. Order amount of money in com is available for shopping to 100,000 yen (tax-included).
The details, please identify this.