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Student discount U25 <book campaign was finished.>

Student discount U25

We are carrying out student discount campaign in the Internet shop! check the details.

※Product targeted for campaign contents and a part is different from store in the Internet shop.

Store campaign contents

  • Our designated PC
  • Our designated LED stands
  • Us-designated wearable Cameras
  • Us-designated fully wireless Earphone
  • Our designated IC Recorder, language study learning Radio
  • Our designated mobile battery
  • Our designated watch
  • Our designated business bag
  • Our designated Suitcase
  • Pharmaceutical products, daily necessities, cosmetics
  • Us-designated; let's give birth
  • Our designated Bicycle
  • All glasses frame articles
  • All Contact Lenses articles
  • All LAMY articles
  • Our designated scientific calculator

※With other campaign coupons cannot use together. ※Originally product which is not given point, repair product, work fee, delivery charges are excluded. ※This campaign may change the end and contents without notice. Thank you for your understanding beforehand. ※Image is image.