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Respect for the Aged Day campaign 2020

Respect for the Aged Day of BicCamera

Monday, September 21 is Respect for the Aged Day. It is day when appreciation is conveyed by important grandfather, grandmother. If product which is recommended to present of Respect for the Aged Day is BicCamera , it is bargain. We accept lapping delivery.

The Internet shop BicCamera. com
"Respect for the Aged Day campaign" is this

※Campaign application method is different from store in the Internet shop. In addition, target products may be different.

Store campaign contents

  • Our designated Massage Chair is bargain
  • Our designated low frequency treatment device, Sphygmomanometer is bargain
  • Our designated hand Speaker neck Speaker is bargain
  • Our designated Phone is bargain
  • Our designated Housework Service is bargain
  • Our designated Hearing Aid is bargain
  • All Hazuki loupe articles are bargain
  • Sake, shochu is bargain
  • All pillow articles are bargain

※There is product without the handling by store. ※With other campaigns cannot use together. ※Contents may be changed without notice. ※Image is image.

Lapping service

We prepare large number of wrapping papers and bags including BicCamera original design.
The details of lapping service are this

Of BicCamera most suitable for present
Gift certificate, gift card

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