Again to top. BicCamera girl softball Takasaki support campaign

Aim! Straight victory! Pitcher Yukiko Ueno belonging BicCamera  women's softball Takasaki support campaign!
  • Contents

    During period, entering pitcher Yukiko Ueno signature goods hit for each ten people from the purchase answered correctly in problem in customers tax-included 5,000 yen or more by lot.

  • Period

    From Saturday, August 15, 2020 to Sunday, October 25

  • Prize

    Miniature glove Strap for each ten people specially made for BicCamera original gift card 3,000 yen

  • Target store

    BicCamera /Kojima/Sofmap all the stores and
    BicCamera. Com/Kojima net/Sofmap dot-com ※Rakuten BIC is excluded

  • Application method

    We can apply by method of ①②③ either following once per person. ※Plural number cannot apply during equivalence application period.
    ①From BicCamera formula application from ② BicCamera store information page from application Paper of ③ store

Successful probability improves when we have you apply from BicCamera formula application!

  • Probability up successful by application from application
  • When we have you apply from BicCamera formula application, it becomes application for two shares, and successful probability improves. (application in web page is 1 assortment)
    [application method from application]
    Start BicCamera formula application
    Top page > "News" of the lower part menu > We scroll screen and tap banner of this campaign >We tap "we apply from application" > You input the requirements, and please apply.

    Of BicCamera formula application
    Downloading is this

▼You can apply from this (web page) immediately.

We apply immediately (one share of application)

It becomes application for two shares when we propose from BicCamera formula application

We apply immediately
(two shares of application)

※In the case of application, please prepare reward card at hand. Confirmation method of reward card number is this

  • Notice

    ※Shipment of prize is limited to Japan. ※We get successful announcement with shipment. In addition, shipment of successful guide plans the end of November. ※Even if it is past period, after the prize shipment, you cannot receive and may contact in telephone, email, SNS when it is unavoidable. ※We cannot answer inquiry about election result. Thank you for your understanding beforehand. ※We change campaign contents, successful prize without notice and may cancel. Thank you for your understanding beforehand. ※You can apply with PC, smartphone, tablet than application form, but may not apply by use of some models and customer environment. ※Personal information that had you fill out in the case of application will use as far as contact to lottery and elected candidate is necessary for the purpose achievement of this campaign. In addition, about the handling of personal information, it is street to show for "privacy policy" of notice in shop. You fill out matter listed in this policy after agreement, and please apply. ※This campaign is campaign that BIC CAMERA INC. hosts and does not stop at Apple Inc., Apple Japan combination company.