Is more fun in summer; in niceness! Subtotal 30 people win gift card by lot!

Is more fun in summer; in niceness! We are hard on Subtotal 30 people by lot!
  • Contents

    During period, BicCamera gift card (for 10,000 yen) hits Subtotal 30 people from reward card member 様 which had you purchase tax-included 5,000 yen or more by lot.

  • Period

    From Saturday, June 20, 2020 to Sunday, July 19

  • Prize

    BicCamera gift card (for 10,000 yen) 30 people

  • Target store

    BicCamera Kojima Sofmap all the stores and
    BicCamera. Com, Kojima net, Sofmap dot-com ※Rakuten BIC is excluded

  • ※In the case of application, please prepare reward card at hand. Confirmation method of reward card number is this

  • Notice

    ※We get successful announcement with shipment. In addition, shipment of successful guide plans around the middle of August. ※Even if it is past period, after the prize shipment, you cannot receive and may contact in telephone, email, SMS when it is unavoidable. ※We cannot answer inquiry about election result. Thank you for your understanding beforehand. ※You can apply with PC, smartphone, tablet than application form, but may not apply by use environment of some models and customer. Thank you for your understanding beforehand. ※Personal information that had you fill out in the case of application will use as far as contact to lottery and elected candidate is necessary for the purpose achievement of this campaign. In addition, about the handling of personal information, it is street to show for "privacy policy" of notice in shop. Entry, please subscribe for matter listed in this policy after agreement. When you cannot agree, application becomes cancel.