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BicCamera JMB WAON card

THREE benefits combined in ONE card!

BicCamera  JMB WAON card Annual convention costs, enrollment fee for free! (there is not credit function)

Buy electronics and win a trip to Hawaii is not a dream!
Free membership card without credit function! It's recommended to people looking for no credit card.

BIC point → Exchange to mile of JAL

Benefits of saving Bic point and JAL mile! Bic point can exchange to JAL mile!

Bic point, JAL mile, Electronic Money WAON
THREE benefits combined in ONE card!

Very attractive! Very convenient! We do shopping in BicCamera  → Miles of JAL collect more and more. → Change for privilege airline ticket; and air travel

3 benefits of BIC CAMERA JMB WAON card

  1. Shopping at BicCamera
    can choose to save Bic point or JAL mile.

    Shopping at BicCamera, can choose to save Bic point or JAL mile.

    You can save so much Bic point or JAL mile!

    Example: Digital Camera 50,000 yen (10% of point reduction rates) in the case of the purchase

    Using point to

    Shopping at BicCamera
    1 point = 1 yen
    can be used.

    The kind of point you want to save
    can be chose at the cashier.
    Please do not hesitate to ask us.

    Save mile to travel over sky!
    ※1. Besides BIC CAMERA JMB WAON card,
    you can show the JAL card with IC fuction to save mile as well.
    ※2. Payment way includes BIC CAMERA JMB WAON card, JMB WAON card (combined with JMB WAON), and mobile JMB WAON can be used to save.

    Please see application form of BIC CAMERA JMB WAON card for the details.

  2. Bic point and JAL mile are interchangeable.

    Benefits of saving Bic point and JAL mile!

    BIC pointMile of JAL
    Unit of Bic point
    Mile of JAL
    Unit of Bic point
    Mile of JAL※
    ※JAL mile can be exchange to Bic point at most twice a year with 20,000 yen in total, refer to the rate above.

    BIC point → Exchange to JAL mile JAL mile → Exchange to BIC point

  3. Pay with Electronic Money WAON to save JAL mile!

    Shopping at BicCamera and other WAON member shop can save JAL mile by paying with WAON.

    You will get 1 JAL mile for every 200 yen you spend with Electronic Money WAON.

How to Apply

BicCamera  JMB WAON card leaflet

Please fill the application form in BicCamera Store.

Some of these situations below ※may not use Bic point's service.

  • Do not have BIC CAMERA JMB WAON card
  • Using a temporary card attached with the application form.
  • Do not apply the JAL & Bic joint service.

※Point service's sample

  • Update the expiration date
  • Join a extended warranty
  • Join a compensation warranty
  • Check the order history

Please ask our store staff for details.

Go to JAL's service page.