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Campaign of the fifth anniversary of BicCamera JAL tie-up 
※This campaign was finished

Until campaign, April 8, 2018 of the fifth anniversary of BicCamera  JAL tie-up. Mile rate up campaign 1 of JAL

※If you pay product of 10% BIC Point in cash. Point rate varies according to payment method, products.

Mile rate up campaign 2 of JAL

※Registration to JAL & Bic joint service is necessary whether exchange from mile to BIC point has BicCamera JMB WAON card. ※Multiplication of mile and exchange to point are reflected approximately 2-3 days after shopping (exchange procedure).

BicCamera  JMB WAON card newcomer meeting campaign containing

※It is for one that met three following conditions.
①Application Paper of ③ store that the total sum of shopping that had you show BicCamera JMB WAON card (including temporary card) in the case of payment during one ② period when we have you apply to BicCamera JMB WAON card newly, and this card was issued becomes more than 5,000 yen (tax-included) or which had you apply from BicCamera homepage ※For more details, please refer to salesperson of neighborhood.

[instructions that we deal with application]
※Lottery has you apply by Sunday, April 8 after having met the application condition mentioned above, and BicCamera JMB WAON card (this card) is for issued by Monday, April 30.
※More than "5,000 yen," shopping that had you show BicCamera JMB WAON card (including temporary card) in the case of payment applies. We intend for all the purchased amount during period.
※Store targeted for shopping is BicCamera all the stores (we include BicCamera Outlet, Air BicCamera . Except the online shop
※This campaign is not intended for "JAL&Bic joint service" to add BIC point function to existing JMB WAON card.
※We get successful announcement with mile multiplication to elected candidate, sending of gift card, point grant. Please confirm with possession point column in BicCamera dot-com member menu about mile of JAL about BIC point on JAL mileage bank homepage. About BicCamera gift card, we send out to address that had you register.
※Privilege grant (shipment) to lottery and elected candidate plans the end of May.
※BicCamera gift card is available in BicCamera Kojima Sofmap. It is not available in net shop "BicCamera dot-com" "Kojima net" "Sofmap dot-com".
※In the case of application, entry, personal information that had you input uses communication to lottery and elected candidate as far as it is necessary for the purpose achievement of this campaign. In addition, about the handling of personal information, it is street to show for "privacy policy".

※This campaign was finished.

The details of BicCamera JMB WAON card are this