Before inquiry

Please confirm before inquiry that shows around common question on homepage.

Inquiry about long-term guarantee

We accept inquiry about long-term guarantee of BicCamera at exclusive window.

Customer of long-term guarantee non-participation, please ask purchase store customer within one year after the purchase.


About repair ※The details are displayed when we click item.

Is repair possible any place other than the store which we purchased?
We accept repair in each possible BicCamera shop. When plural stores are in district, we accept at repair service counter setting store.
Can you repair product which you purchased other than the BicCamera ?
Product which you came to want accepts repair in each BicCamera shop in possible other companies. When plural stores are in district, we accept at repair service counter setting store.
Please tell period with expense that it costs for repair.
We heard application for eyes cheap repair estimate of repair amount of money in support service section of BicCamera group.
Is repair, changing battery of watch made?
We accept at Watches & Clocks corner of each possible BicCamera shop (there is Watches & Clocks handling store ※ store excluding). There is thing which cannot accept repair, changing battery partly. For more details, please refer to each BicCamera shop.
Which shop can you repair repair of apple, Beats product in?
We accept only in regular service provider shop of apple. Store, please identify direct phone number than list of apple repair reception desk stores soon.
※Please consult with purchase store at the time of long-term guarantee participation.
・List of apple repair reception desk stores is this
・Preinclination or precaution before repair reception desk reservation and visit are this
We cannot take repair product to shop.
We accept business trip repair and taking care of repair in BicCamera group. check the details.

About product

Please tell handling product.
You can confirm handling item of each shop than list of stores. In addition, we can feel that confirmation, torioki of stock of each shop might be from net shop.
Can you reserve product judging from the Internet?
Reservation is possible than product page. For more details, please confirm this.Stock confirmation, torioki comes in net → Pick-Up In Store of neighborhood!
Can you confirm the arrival situation of product which you ordered?
Please confirm product order cutform from page for exclusive use of the top of preparation.
We consist when in stock in ○○ shop on seeing site of BicCamera dot-com, but is receipt possible in △△ shop?
Please refer to visit planned store directly. Each store person to contact is this
We consist when in stock in ○○ shop on seeing site, but is the purchase possible in site (Sold out indication)?
I'm sorry, but we cannot accept
Can you receive product which you purchased in site at store?
We cannot receive. Store can accept reservation of product with stock.
For more information:
Will you tell store sales price on the telephone?
We show even around telephone. But it usually becomes answer to sales price. About price consultation with another store 様, we hope that we have you talk with salesperson after visit to direct store.
Can you purchase parts including remote control and filter?
It becomes Back-order from companies maker. After checking system unit article number, please refer to BicCamera store of neighborhood.
※Some genuine parts (remote control, filter) are BicCamera. We can have you buy even com.
・Each store person to contact is this
・BicCamera official site is this place
Will you tell about operation method of product which you purchased?
Please consult with purchase store. Each store person to contact is this

Returned goods, exchange

Can you return product which you have opened?
In principle, we cannot accept returns of opened items, except items which has initial failure.
Item has initial failure.
When we check the operation and can confirm initial defectiveness, we change for the same product.
Can dot twit of liquid crystal change?
In the case of symptom that is not authorized as initial delinquent with maker, we cannot change.


Are gift coupon and credit card usable in BicCamera ?
You can use this payment method in BicCamera .
Can you spend plural electronic money in the check in a mass?
Plural use, combination of electronic money is not possible (you can use one piece per one check).
Is national department store gift certificate usable in the check?
It is not available. We sell BicCamera gift certificate at store. Other gift card yabyu gift certificates are available.
Various payment methods are this

Photograph service

Please tell about service to become the photograph developing, processing, data.
We show around photograph service at store in this.

Lapping service

Can you wrap for presents?
We accept at possible lapping counter.
Can you have you wrap product which you purchased at the other store?
If it is article which had you do shopping in BicCamera group, we cope. Come to lapping counter of each store after having receipt together.

Reward card

Is there advantage to make reward card?
The points collect depending on product by shopping in BicCamera and can purchase other products as 1.1 yen. In addition, I will inform customer by postcard when recall occurs to product which you purchased.
About BIC Point
We lost reward card and were just
It is us immediately
To reward card center
I would like notification. We do suspension procedure of card.
Navigator dial 
Time in
: From 10:00 to 21:00
(always without holiday)
※In the case of the use, it is 03-5958-0811 by international calls from IP telephone (partly), foreign countries
When BicCamera JMB WAON card is lost, I would like communication to following two companies in addition to BicCamera point center (cf. description of ※ top) mentioned above.
About JAL mileage bank
It is 03-5460-3939 from foreign countries 
From Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 19:00 
Soil from 9:00 to 17:30
(Sundays and holidays, the year-end and New Year rest)
About WAON
WAON call center 0120-577-365 
0570-064-375 (pay) 
Time in: From 9:00 to 21:00 (always without holiday)
You have forgotten reward card, but can you attach the points?
We issue point postscript receipt in the check. You have reward card and external receipt within one month, and postscript is possible.
Where should we ask about registration procedure of application member?
Please connect with BicCamera group Point center.
BicCamera group Point center
Phone number 0570-03-0811
(time in: for from 10:00 to 21:00)
※In the case of the use, please use the following number by international calls from IP telephone (partly), foreign countries.
We want to know change method of reward card information when we moved. In addition, we want you to tell point zansuu.
You can confirm in the following URL in site.
Change of information is this
Point zansuukakumitome is this
Please connect with BicCamera group Point center if you have any questions.
※In the case of the use, please use the following number by international calls from IP telephone (partly), foreign countries.

Q&A for Foreign Tourists

Does Tax-Free Shopping apply to BicCamera's items?
Yes, Tax-Free service is provided in all BicCamera stores.
Tax-Free Conditions
Can I still get BicCamera's point during Tax-Free Shopping?
No, we do not provide point service during Tax-Free Shoppipng.
Can I use my credit card to pay?
Acceptable Credit Card List in BicCamera
Do you have Interpreting Service?
Yes, we have staff who can speak English and Chinese.
Do you have Wi-Fi?
Yes, we provide FREE Wi-fi in some of our stores.
※Click here for details.
How can I use the coupon?
Please show your coupon to staff before you buy. Each coupon has different service conditions.
※Coupon is not available to some of items, such as Apple and Rolex. Besides, two kind of coupons cannot be used together.
Is there any Airport Delivery Service for items bought with BicCamera?
Yes, all of stores provide Airport Delivery Service. ※Except the online shop
New Chitose Airport (domestic airline, international airline), Sendai Airport, Fukushima Airport, Niigata Airport, Narita Airport (terminal second first terminal north wing, first terminal south wing), Haneda Airport (international airline, domestic airline first passenger terminal, domestic airline second passenger terminal), Komatsu Airport, Chubu Centrair International Airport, Osaka Itami Airport (north terminal, south terminal), Kansai International Airport first terminal building, Okayama Airport, Hiroshima Airport, Fukuoka Airport (international airline, domestic airline), Kitakyushu Airport, Nagasaki Airport, Kagoshima Airport
How much does Airport Delivery charge?
General delivery fees (depend on the size and weight of package) and additional Airport Fees (648 yen) will be charged.
Is there any Hotel Delivery Service for items bought with BicCamera?
Yes. We can deliver to hotels which nearby the store.
※Service Conditions exist Please feel free to ask us for details.
How much does delivery cost?
It depends on items and delivery address. Please feel free to ask us for details.
Do you have international delivery service?
No, we do not deliver items overseas.
How can I check price and stock for items I want to buy?
Stock and price changes every day. You can check the stock availability in each item's description page.
You can also ask BicCamera store directly.
Do you have reservation service?
Reservation service is available to almost items. It is convenient to make reservation online.
And it is also useful to contact BicCamera store to reserve items.
Do you have repair service?
It depends on item's warranty agreement. ※Extended warranty that BicCamera provides is excluded.
Should I use transformer?
If you want to use electronic items in other countries and regions, please read these contents.
Can I return an item after opening the package?
In principle, we cannot accept returns of opened items, except items which has initial failure. Items should return to the purchase store. ※Overseas remittance and delivery is not available.
Item has initial failure.
It depends on item's warranty agreement. However, repair or exchange service is available in BicCamera store. ※Overseas remittance and delivery is not available.


Can you reissue receipt (receipt)?
At receipt counter, we issue handwritten receipt by receipt and exchange. Notation of reissue is given, but can issue handwritten receipt if we can confirm history from reward card when there is not receipt.
We got gift card of BicCamera , but is balance confirmation possible?
Possible. For more information:
Delivery Will you deliver product which you purchased in BicCamera of Tokyo to Nagoya?
We can deliver (as for the reverse, possible).
Can we ask only for recycling even if we do not purchase home electric appliances newly?
We accept only recycling and are possible. check the details.
※We can receive one point of taking care of per one point with category product free if you can request small household appliances recycled product by delivery at the time of the purchase
TV, Refrigerator, washing machine, washing dryer, rate of large-scale household appliances recycling of Air Conditioning ⇒ general incorporated foundation (is based on association of home electric appliances)
To store, please at the time of request. Each store person to contact is this
Is there parking service when we came to the store by car?
Except some stores, we prepare for parking service depending on shopping amount of money. For more details, please confirm each store page
We want to confirm by matter that we ordered on the Internet, matter that will examine order from now on. Where should we read?
Common question and reference are this
We want you to tell required document at the time of bargain SIM contract.
check the details.
Do you give service to put protection film on?
We heard at service support counter. check the details.
We want to receive purchase assessment. Before visit, we want to confirm whether it is product targeted for purchase.
check the details.
We want to ask for a lot of of household appliances product, estimate of import, setting expense.
check the details.
We want to use store for coverage, shooting
Coverage window (public information, IR department) is this
Is request only for setting construction of product in home possible? Or we want to ask for setting construction of product which we purchased at BicCamera dot-com, store.
It is this on article existing in home or article which you bought in another store
If it is product which you purchased at our store and is before delivery, please refer to purchase store. For more information:

Voice (opinion, inquiry to store) of customer

  • List of phone numbers of each shop

    How to use information and handling product, stock confirmation, product about store

  • Email form

    Including opinion, request (may have time until reply by contents thank you for your understanding beforehand)