BicCamera store information

From PC tablet of customer consultation desk company (company) of company, school, government office to expendable supplies, souvenir, premium, we are suggesting at BIC special price. Please feel free to contact (TEL: 03-5956-2524) It is a waste of team Minister of the Environment authorized eco-first company (BicCamera  is Eco first company first.) BicCamera  works on global warming measures of the Ministry of the Environment environment station Under privilege enforcement special to person returned driver's license independently Nursery school BIC KIDS of BicCamera Kawasaki-shi Fujiko, F, Fujio museum iPad business solution The BicCamera  40th anniversary
  • New life support
  • It supports "LINE Pay" "SHOPPING GO"
  • It is d point 40 times by payment of d payment application
  • PayPay second 10 billion yen campaign
  • Anyone OK's student discount U25, 25 years old or younger! Until Sunday, April 7
  • Household appliances replacement by purchase campaign
  • We accept at no interest rate until up to 60 times of Orico shopping loan payment in installments.
  • BicCamera  Suica card newcomer meeting campaign containing
  • Reform estimate free of charge of BicCamera

Recommended special feature

We were introduced on TV TV special feature
Entering a kindergarten entrance to school preparations special feature Suitcase is bargain
Cameras special feature PC good bargain special feature

What's New

In BicCamera  Namba Store, store specializing in used products is born!
We make new AirPods, reservation
We invite by flight park FLIGHT OF DREAMS lottery and campaign
TOKYO2020 OFFICIAL SHOP Sendai store
Stick Vacuums & Floorcare dyson V11, April 19 release
Air Bic Camera Naha Airport store
  • New store
  • Air Bic Camera Naha Airport store opens on Monday, March 18!

    Air Bic Camera becoming 6 store eyes opens a store for the first time in Okinawa! We open a store on the second floor in new terminal partition to connect Naha Airport domestic airline passenger terminal building and international airline passenger terminal building and handle household appliances, Beauty & Health, health household appliances, Cameras Headphones Earphone game console, mobile battery.

Household appliances award 2018
ReFa SHOP is opened by BicCamera  Namba Store
Apple Watch Series 3 is discounted by Tax-free 2,500 yen!
It supports "LINE Pay" "SHOPPING GO"
Periodical lecture by Reiji Asakura
8K TV purchase privilege
Student discount U25 campaign
  • Campaign
  • Student discount U25 campaign

    Anyone OK's 25 years old or younger! We only show person confirmation documents including driver's license, student identification card, student handbook in the check, and bargain can purchase our designated product.
    For more information:

  • Period
    Until Sunday, April 7
#Photocontest result announcement to be connected from finder
We point BIC from Friday, March 15 → Exchange of M eye point started and became able to change mutually
bikkame daughter visual book Friday, March 15 release
  • New product
  • bikkame daughter visual book release

    "bikkame daughter" who personified store of BicCamera first official visual book is released on Friday, March 15! We draw birth secret story and setting document of bikkame daughter, illustration of the first public exhibition, and, with full loading, all of bikkame daughters is packed. The product details are this

TOKYO2020 OFFICIAL SHOP Fukushima shop
Panasonic Lumix S1
  • New product
  • Ultimate snap shooter "RICOH GR III" release!

    Long-awaited "GRIII" is released by RICOH. Approximately three and a half years pass from GRII of the former model and are appearance that we are fully prepared. It is to the latest model that renovated all the main devices such as lens, image sensor, image processing engine to strengthen high resolution and snapshooting characteristics that "GRIII" of announcement is basic concept of GR series, essential value of Cameras such as portability more this time.
    The purchase in the product details, net shop ( is this

Canon EOS RP
SONY α 6400
Reform festival of reform spring of BIC
  • Campaign
  • Reform festival of reform spring of BIC

    Bonus point present for a limited time! We make an estimate by Sunday, April 7, and kitchen bus presents bonus point for 2,000 yen for 5,000 yen for 20,000 yen by making a promise by application, Tuesday, April 30 if it is restroom if it is washing stand! In addition, a lot of advantageous products including limited model Pack reform of the 40th anniversary of the BicCamera ! check the details.

We return d point 40 times by d payment! Campaign
  • Campaign
  • We return d point 40 times by d payment! Campaign

    We return d point 40 times by payment of d payment application!
    Real 20% reduction (about use amount of money 200 yen (tax-included) 40 points)
    ※The reduction total sum target during period to up to 5,000 points
    For more information:

  • Period
    Until from Friday, March 1 to 31st Sunday
    Target store
    BicCamera , each store of Kojima Sofmap
    ※Net shop is excluded.
PayPay second 10 billion yen campaign
  • Campaign
  • PayPay second 10 billion yen campaign

    PayPay balance payment, Yahoo! We come back by the money payment use by 20%!
    Yahoo! 19% of JAPAN card payments
    We return by 10% of other credit card payments!
    ※Up to 1,000 yen considerable grant per 1 account
    ※Up to 50,000 yen considerable grant during period

    For more information:

  • Period
    Until Friday, May 31
    ※When reduction amount of money that PayPay bears in campaign reaches for 10 billion yen, it is finished on the way.
    Target store
    BicCamera , Kojima, each store of Sofmap
    ※Net shop is excluded.
iPhone SIM lock cancellation purchase increase campaign
BicDrug profit information
BicCamera  Machida shop, February 21 opening
  • New store
  • BicCamera Machida shop opening!

    "BicCamera Machida shop" opens in the seventh floor of the Odakyu Department Store Machida shop, the eighth floor on Thursday, February 21, 2019! From the latest household appliances to daily necessities, we handle all of product categories that BicCamera deals with to meet wide needs from many customers.

One of 100 receipts pay cashback by the BRAUN Shaver purchase, application in full
  • Campaign
  • By the BRAUN Shaver purchase, application
    One of 100 receipt total amount cashback

    It is targeted for Braun Shaver (except abolished turn product, plan product, grooming product)
    ①Amount of money of receipt to 100,000 yen is paid cashback by lot if more than tax-included 5,000 yen
    ②If it is less than tax-included 5,000 yen, receipt amount of money to 20 times of the amount of money is paid cashback by lot

  • For more information:
  • Purchase period
    From Friday, February 1 to Tuesday, April 30
  • The application deadline
    Postmark on that day is effective on Monday, May 13
Design of BICQLO-limited plan "bikkame daughter" "UTme!" We appear to stamp!
Rice Cookers furnace Electric SR-E111
BicCamera  J-WEST card period-limited campaign
Easily simple purchase application comfortable Ull
Full wireless Earphone counter is open one after another!