BicCamera store information

From PC tablet of customer consultation desk company (company) of company, school, government office to expendable supplies, souvenir, premium, we are suggesting at BIC special price. Please feel free to contact (TEL: 03-5956-2524) iPad business solution animega Sofmap (older brother mega Sofmap) It is island TV in this KEY' S CAFE (Keyes cafe) It is a waste of team The Minister of the Environment authorized eco-first company (BicCamera  is eco-first company No. 1.) BicCamera  works on global warming measures of the Ministry of the Environment environment station Under privilege enforcement special to person returned driver's license independently Nursery school BIC KIDS of BicCamera BicCamera  is Oricon ranking cooperation shop BicCamera  is billboard chart cooperation shop
  • Ponta point unification commemorative campaign!
  • Early percent Air Conditioning festival
  • PC replacement by purchase purchase support privilege
  • We accept at no interest rate until up to 60 times of Orico shopping loan payment in installments.
  • Energy saving replacement by purchase festival
  • Autographed goods of pitcher Yukiko Ueno hit!
  • You can use a lot of bar-code, QR settlement, electronic money

Service, news

  • Ask customer come to; about preventive measures against infectious diseases
  • BIC SUPER service
  • BicCamera  application
  • Point
  • Extended Warranty
  • Delivery service
  • rakuuru

Sale information, special feature

  • Rainy season, moisture measures recommended product
  • Recommended ten selections of handy Fan
  • Item special feature that is recommended to online class and home learning
  • Telework special feature
  • Bic Photo Style
  • Absorption in Wine of Makoto Abe
  • Cameras special feature
  • TV special feature

What's New

Sunday-limited bulk buying is advantageous for Saturday, July 11, 12 days
Canon "EOS R5" "EOS R6"
Reservation, application for mainapointo is possible
We present for 600,000 yen by no interest rate BicCamera  gift card lottery until up to 60 times of payment in installments of BIC!
BicCamera  Kumamoto shop (tentative name)
Is more fun in summer; in niceness! Subtotal 30 people win gift card by lot!
Reiji Asakura seminar
  • Notice
  • We deliver seminar of Reiji Asakura in YouTube!

    We deliver online audio system seminar by audio-visual commentator Reiji Asakura in BicCamera formula YouTube and start!
    The first introduces new product of Marantz. We fully tell all about the charm. Check it out!

We send from order only for appointed place level in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo and target product in delivery service "enikyari" in a minimum period of 45 minutes
Shopping to today's 200,000 yen reduces 1 of 50 people, 50% by purchase of Contact Lenses by lot
  • Campaign
  • Under 1 of 50 "50% reduction" campaign enforcement!

    During period, 50% of Subtotal amount of money (tax-included) of receipt of akyubyu product which we purchased by BIC contact and receipt of product which we purchased at store of BicCamera same on the same day considerably return (up to 100,000 yen)!
    check the details.

  • Period
    From Friday, June 26 to Wednesday, September 30
We try touch by application and hit!
We strongly discount electricity bill of the first 20,000 people! 100 million yen cashback campaign
Must-have item "handy fan" summer for "HashTAG" series appearance!
Purchase application "rakuuru" limitation! We are hard on 30 people a month by lot!
Autographed goods of pitcher Yukiko Ueno hit!
We are broadcasting in paso uncrowded Nippon BS Broadcasting!
Bithe katsu! We are broadcasting in Nippon BS Broadcasting!
Paper Mario origami King [Switch]
Contact Lenses regular service
  • Service
  • Contact Lenses regular service

    We started "Contact Lenses regular service" to send to designated place once in three months even if we did not go to buy Contact Lenses which we used for shop all the time! In 2Week, 1,280 yen ..., 1Day are 3,380 yen ... monthly monthly. As it is fixed amount payment every plan, additional charge is unnecessary. We accept by BIC contact of neighborhood.
    check the details.

Replacement by purchase support! Washing machine, Refrigerator, TV is advantageous by rank up!
  • Campaign
  • Washing machine, Refrigerator, TV is advantageous by rank up!

    Replacement by purchase support! At the time of washing machine, Refrigerator, on TV replacement by purchase, it is advantageous by product rank up! Washing machine is discounted by up to 5,000 yen and pulls Refrigerator up to 6,000 yen and is discounted by up to 5,000 yen if it is TV
    ※Please show thing knowing the model number of product of errand now.
    check the details.

Reform of BIC, estimate privilege
The next-generation house points
BicDrug profit information
LINE Pay coupon
The famous sake "I mountains of" Owari Tsushima to arouse in technique of liquor structure tradition
AOHAL Repel UV new sale!
We just shade with smartphone, and product reviews are easily seen!
PC pull collecting service
  • Service
  • PC pull collecting service

    Support of Windows 7 is finished on Tuesday, January 14. Please hurry replacement by purchase. We take over note PC which is unnecessary by the purchase with new PC at target store.
    ・Data erasing is reliable by HDD destruction, too
    ・Store support half price ticket presentation including data shift
    check the details.

iPhone SIM lock cancellation purchase increase campaign
Full wireless Earphone counter is open one after another!