News from BicCamera

Please be careful about vicious false sites that give their BicCamera .

The details about vicious false site are this

Please be careful about suspicious calls to give their salesperson of BicCamera .

From person giving salesperson of BicCamera , "we call for confirmation recently as there is person who is going to purchase high-priced line by credit card of customer." There is telephone that equal no is unidentified, "Japanese Bankers Association" "life security sections of the police" and person giving the name make a call, and case that is going to get personal information such as card number or password of customer occurs afterwards.

We do not do call by such contents to customer in evil shop.
Even if there is suspicious call, we hope that he/she does not answer personal information.

Please be careful about suspicious emails to give their BicCamera .

[big Cameras] With title that thank you for your order, email that link was put on is sent to guest 様, contents which, please support, and begin at 様, support Nozomi. We would appreciate your being careful that link is not clicked as it is not email from evil shop.

Please be careful about spoofing accounts that assumed BicCamera .

There was example report that present plan that was false than spoofing account that assumed our name was made. ID of our official Twitter account is [biccameraE] [biccamera_com].
Please confirm Twitter company certification mark.