Catalogue site for BicCamera  corporations is this place

It is cost cut in BicCamera corporation sales department of corporation sale window!

Please leave disaster prevention article of office!

We fall down just to put at home in office and prevent! We are strong in earthquake of this! Professional seven mat!

Inquiry of professional seven mat is this for more information about professional seven mat

BicCamera corporation sales department of corporation sale window is whole office BIC special price!

We have from corporation sale only in household appliances general merchandising stores such as home electric appliances, PC (PC) of corporation (company, school, government offices) 様 to office equipment, Stationery including sporting goods, Traveling Gear, friction ball-point pen which we made use of strength of specialty store in abundantly and suggest.

It is this about handling product at corporation sale window

Please leave business with school 様, vocational school 様 such as great Manabu!

As there is business with large number of university 様, we meet various requests.

Cost cut of corporation (company, school, government offices) 様! Power saving, saving water measures! We suggest of this

Please leave saving water measures of office!

Suggestion of product which is most suitable for office including product that maintenance is free in spite of quantity of water of conventional approximately 5% with innovative faucet nozzle proud of up to 95% of saving water rate in saving water nozzle "saving water nozzle Bubble90" which is most suitable for saving water measures of office (wins the grand prix in ""super" manufacturing parts award" of 2009) is possible.
The details about saving water nozzle are this

We change to LED light and reduce costs! It is advantageous for electricity bill of the moon! 
It is cost cut in recycling Toner!
It is suggestion, etc. of this

Up to lease (rental), office LAN construction such as corporation sale (the purchase in corporation 様), household appliances or PC of hardware (PC, peripheral device) such as home electric appliances, PC, professional staff of corporation sales department is settled in every problem of customer together.

Because it is corporation sale window of aggregate of household appliances general merchandising store and specialty store, we can do it! One recommended product

3D Printer which is useful for study and sample development of university

・We recommend interactive board (electronic board), inflection of Projector to meeting, presentation of business talk!

・Cost cut! It is utilized Bicycle (electric) by visit sales people of within easy reach of. Maintenance cost, fuel charges, contract on a monthly-fixed amount parking charges are slashes!

・We accept household appliances of company dormitory entirely. Bed, Duvet settle BIC, too and can purchase corporation!

・Enriched company increases welfare program facilities in office!
 Assortment of goods which is abundant from Sphygmomanometer to fitness apparatus, Massage Chair.

・Permutation, security measure of PC which we postponed, please feel free to contact.

Merit to purchase at corporation sale window

Contracted corporation sales representative gives a response
As the sales representative copes with enquiry after the second, smooth business is possible.
Business by bill payment (credit sale) is possible
We omit trouble of payment, and burden of person in charge 様 is reduced by business that efficiency is good for
※Examination is necessary. You want and, depending on examination result, may not attach.
Estimate and order are possible email on the telephone
As we can purchase without going to visit store, it leads to time and reduction of expense.
Inquiry is this
Suggestion of customized model for company, school, government offices 様 including PC system unit is possible
We are accepting consulting about customized models such as PCs for corporation 様 free! Please feel free to contact.
Even in the case of the purchase, volume discount is possible with premium, souvenir in large quantities.
※Customer of resale purpose declines.
We accept making of presentation document (about suggestion product)
In BtoB, presentation document (about suggestion product) for end users, please feel free to contact, too.
We accept contract by household appliances, PC, OA apparatus lease
※Other than your company tie-up lease company, introduction of our partner lease company is possible, too. Examination, contract is necessary separately.
School fund payment, Grant in Aid for Scientific Research payment is possible
Please inquire for school fund payment than inquiry screen in detail
Correspondence of grant including scientific research funds subsidy is possible. About school fund payment, it is this in detail
Corporation card! BicCamera corporate card is available, too
Business settlement card for exclusive use of corporation 様! BicCamera corporate card is available, too
Simply! Convenience! Efficiently! Card of the business settlement for exclusive use of available corporation 様
※There is examination of Orient Corporation about application for card.
※The card settlement is not available in Web for exclusive use of corporation 様
Corporation card! About the details of BicCamera corporate card

It is suggestion for cost reduction by the corporation purchase

We change to LED light and reduce costs! It is advantageous for electricity bill of the moon! For purchase costs, management improvement! The software license purchase
Disaster prevention measures! To prepare for uninterruptive power supply (UPS), emergency including earthquake-resistant mat; is helpful; goods
It is cost cut in recycling Toner
We suggest reduction plan to communication fee of the communications cost reduction carrier change over fee - moon of cell-phone, communications terminal in the company Communications cost reduction! Data communication (Wifi)