Extended Warranty

With long-term guarantee

Long-term guarantee is service to guarantee after second year as extension of maker guarantee contents from purchase day.
Target product: Products more than 13,800 yen (Tax-free)
Participation expense: 5% of points of purchase amount of money (tax-included)

※In the case of product of giving a service, purchase amount of money can join at added 1,000 of 2,000 points 10% of 20,000 yen (tax-included) points.

Term of a guarantee

Extended Warranty

When product breaks down, in spite of right usage, maker repairs in guarantee rule for free.

BicCamera accepts repair that followed maker guarantee again and again during period.

※When repair amount of money exceeds 80% of purchased amount (tax-included), we finish guarantee with offer of new replacement.
※In the case of guarantee, upper limit amount of money after the sixth year changes for ten years.

Target product and period

[three years guarantee]
PC Computer Peripherals, Printer Portable audio product, game console (except some products)

※We repair PC for repair immunity from responsibility upper limit 10,000 yen (tax-included) again and again. In the case of repair that is less than 10,000 yen (tax-included), it is the actual expenses.

[five years guarantee]
Home electric appliances (except some products) except the above

[ten years guarantee]
Refrigerator, Air Conditioning more than 95,000 yen (Tax-free)

※Guarantee contents from the first year to the fifth year are the same as guarantee for five years.

<< guarantee contents after the sixth year about ten years guarantee >>
We guarantee 30% of purchased amount (tax-included) as the upper limit.

※Business trip rate is included in 30% of security. ※You have a choice whether you repair, or you buy a new.
※In the case of the purchase, we guarantee purchased amount in the upper limit in 30% of purchased amount (tax-included) in makeshift in BicCamera without repairing.

Contents which become "the target outside" of guarantee

Natural consumption, rust

[natural consumption, rust]
The damage by natural consumption, rust, mold, leak of Battry.

Natural disaster

[natural disaster]
The damage by disasters such as earthquake, eruption, tsunami, storm and flood damage.


Trouble that occurred to product except system unit of product or the damage by the damage.

Trouble due to accessories

[the damage due to accessories]
Trouble of system unit due to trouble of product except system unit of this product or the damage by the damage.


Error in use or the damage by specifications except instruction manual mention.

Processing, remodeling

[processing, remodeling]
The damage that we occurred by processing, remodeling, repair.

The economical damage, secondary disaster

[the economical damage, secondary disaster]
The economical damage and secondary disaster that we occurred by trouble.


The damage by adjustment and alteration without exchange of expendable supplies or resolution work.

●What are the economical damage and secondary disaster that we occurred by trouble?
・Defect, trouble of guarantee product or physical obstacle, damage by what trouble, damage that occurred to other property or damage, guarantees product or other property such as damage cannot use that we occurred due to the damage.
Example: "It broke down, and floor has become the submergence of washing machine." "PC was broken and has been not able to work." nadono case.

※Of plane substitute during repair period cannot provide. ※Maker warranty card varies according to products.

Inquiry about long-term guarantee

Window 0570-00-1991 for exclusive use of long-term guarantee ※Business hours: From 10:00 to 21:00

※As for question of product and the inquiry, I would like the use of each store of BicCamera or email form.

But customer within for customer, long term within one year after total loss guarantee, the purchase after customer, the purchase of guarantee non-participation for one month,
Please refer to store which you purchased. List of Store

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