ID photo

Order for photograph for various application including the resume, passport my number is possible, too.
We register in photograph service counter of BicCamera . In addition, there is ID photo BOX, too.

ID photo BOX

My number application is completed on the spot! We take, and fixing is possible, and there is model with fair skin mode, too.


Recommended point

  • (1) Single focus lens

    Shooting that is beautiful in nature with a few distortions is possible.

  • (2) AI check

    Shooting that is beautiful in nature with a few distortions is possible.

  • (3) Writing

    We realize quality of studio shooting by writing of the professional photographer supervision

ID VOX my number electron application method

  • (1) Choice

    We enter shooting BOX and choose "my number card application" among touch panel.

  • (2) Shade

    We warm QR cord of grant application over bar code reader and acquire application ID.

  • (3) Shooting

    We fix appearance and photograph.

  • (4) The receipt of money

    After the confirmation of shooting photograph, we receive money. ※We cope with the cashless settlement mentioned above.

  • (5) Application

    After having sent shooting data, we receive application confirmation print and are completed.

ID VOX price


Recommended point

  • (1) Fair skin finish

    We are finished with youthful color with skin brightly more smoothly.
    In the beautiful finish which is natural in technique only in FUJIFILM.

  • (2) For 70 seconds, retake is possible again and again

    We can photograph while confirming expression with front monitor screen.
    Retake is possible again and again if between 70 seconds. Finally we can choose favorite photograph.
    ※Some retakes limit is in different model.


■ DNP Ki-Re-i

  • DNP Ki-Re-i

    DNP proof camera housing

Image carry-on (store reception desk)

(1) Price

  • (1) Price

  • (2) Shipment date

    ※Time changes by the congestion situation. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
    ※When there are many number of sheets, types, we need time.

  • (3) Specifications

Size The number of sheets Type
3*2.4cm 9 Driving driver's license
4.5*3.5cm 4 Passport
4*3cm 4 General certificate, civil service examination I II III
5*4cm 2 International driver's license book
5*5cm 2 Housing land and building dealer
※We cut and do not give a service.
※Please can contact salesperson for wanting customer anything other than the size mentioned above.