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We recognize that we protect personal information that we acquired from the person with extremely important thing, and BIC CAMERA INC. and the BicCamera group companies (the following, "BicCamera group") observe guideline or other models that laws and ordinances, country about the handling of personal information set and they set the following privacy policies and will act for certain observance of a contract.

1.Management of personal information

Establishment, enforcement maintains personal information protection management system modifying that BicCamera group keeps personal information life and the latest state and we wear leak, loss of personal information again and prevent loss and corrects and to review policy, the system, plan, enforcement, check to protect personal right profit and takes necessary measures such as maintenance of security system, maintenance of office regime, thorough employee education.

2.The acquisition of personal information and the use are within objective range

BicCamera group takes necessary measures not to use the purpose outside again without performing handling (the following, "the use out of the purpose") of individual division across range that is necessary for achievement of purpose that had agreement when we acquire personal information from the person.

3.Prohibition of offer to third party of personal information

We do not offer personal information to third party unless BicCamera group manages personal information that we acquired appropriately and corresponds to any of the following.
(1) When there is agreement of the person
(2) When we contribute to supplier to consign duties to because the person gives service hoped for
(3) When it is necessary to provide based on laws and ordinances

4.Supervision of the handling trust of personal information

When we entrust third party with the handling of personal information for achievement of use purpose that had agreement of the person, BicCamera group makes a necessary contract after investigation about trust ahead concerned and we oblige to performing information management like BicCamera group and do appropriate supervision.

5.Inquiry of the person

When halt of personal disclosure of information, correction, deletion, removal of the person or the use is hoped for, after checking being the person, we cope according to right of the person about personal information. In addition, we accept about inquiry about personal information or complaint, consultation at the following "BicCamera personal information inquiry window" other than each store.

6.Laws and ordinances, the observance and review of guideline or other models that country sets

BicCamera group observes guideline or other models that laws and ordinances, country about the handling of personal information set and we review this policy and personal information protection management system continuously and will act as personal information protection for improvement to be thorough.

■Personal information protection manager general affairs personnel affairs general manager

 We would like inquiry about personal information to each store or following.

[BicCamera personal information inquiry window]
E-mail: [email protected]
Time in: The whole day acceptance open throughout the year
Phone number 03-5396-0707
Time in: From 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (it is only weekdays)

2005.4.1 establishment 2006.7.13 revision
2008.1.24 revision 2013.9.26 revision

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