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Terms of Use

BIC CAMERA INC. (we say "us" as follows) runs this site. As Terms of Use of service to offer in this site, we set this protocol.

1. Range and change of terms

1.This protocol shall be applied to member using this site.
2.When individual regulations that we prescribe separately, addition regulations we post at any time in this site or to notify of constitute a part of these terms, and these terms and individual regulations or addition regulations still contradict, individual regulations or addition regulations give priority to and are applied.
3.We may change this protocol as needed, and in this case we announce terms after change by method to judge that we are suitable, and user is considered that to be agreed to the change concerned, and user was consented to after the change when this site was used.

2. The use of this service

1.We offer this service to user accessed by Japan.
3.User uses this site according to this protocol.
4.We shall take all responsibility about information to send through this site, and user must not give no nuisance or damage for us.
5.When or user causes annoying damage for this site or other users in conjunction with the use of this site or when you produce dispute, the user concerned shall solve problem, the damage, dispute to suffer from by expense and responsibility of self and must not give us any nuisance or damage.

3. Copyrights

1.It is property of us or contents provider, and it is protected by international law about Copyright Act and copyright, and all contents (we say letter, graphic, logo, icon, image, thing downloaded in digital format, edited data, software and are not limited to these.) included in notice sent to by this site or us decline reproduction of all contents without permission.
2.When problem about intellectual property rights such as copyrights occurs in violation of regulations of foregoing paragraph, user solves the problem in expense and the responsibility of self and must not give us no nuisance or damage.
3.We do not assume an obligation that user watches us about E-mail or all ideas, concepts, suggestion to send to us and this site with other means, comment or other information (it is called "information" as follows, and personal information is still excluded.), and user considers that all rights about the information were abandoned, and it lasts in the future, and we shall be able to use value to the informant for every purpose when user customer sent information to us without suffering all confidentiality about information without paying, and we do not take responsibility about any problem to occur from the information at all again.

4. Verboten

User must not do the following acts in the use of this site.
1.Property right of us or third party, act to violate privacy or other rights or act with the fear.
2.It is nuisance, disadvantage or act to damage or act with the fear for us or third party.
3.Act against information, etc., public order and morals to be against fact for us or third party or to provide information with the fear.
4.Criminal act, act against public order and morals, act to violate other laws and ordinances or act with the fear.
5.Election activity, religious activity or act or to be similar to these, other politics and act about religion.
6.Act to judge that other we are inappropriate.
7.Frame links are linked form that clarity of this site is spoiled to

5. Management of personal information

1.We handle based on "BicCamera privacy policy" to post personal information (called "personal information" as follows.) of user separately on the homepage appropriately.
2.We perform necessary protection measures for personal information.

6. Cancellation, interruption of this service

In the case of next, we may cancel all or a part of offer of this site without notifying user beforehand.
1.When we carry out scheduled maintenance of this site in us or emergency maintenance or when it is unavoidable in construction.
2.When person of telecommunications business of the first kind cancels telecommunication service.
3.When, by sabotage by inevitability and third parties such as natural disaster, blackout, war, offer of service becomes difficult.
4.In addition, when, in administration, we judge temporary interruption of this site to be necessary technically.

7. Disclaimers

1.We do not take any responsibility about integrity, accuracy, certainty, usability about information that contents of this service and user can know through this site.
2.About cases that infected virus when the damage occurs to apparatuses of user by using information, image published in this site and rink or, we do not take any responsibility.
3.We expect accuracy about information placed in this site, but we do not take any responsibility even if we do not guarantee, and the damage occurs to user by the use such as contents.
4.We do not take any responsibility regardless of the reason about any damage that occurred by this site not having been available to users.
5.We shall be indemnified by handling desk work according to disclosed information of user and, in the duties processing of this site, do not take responsibility about the damage, loss, disadvantage that occurred to user about the use of this service in any case regardless of legal request cause without intention or gross negligence in us.

8. Competent court

1.When problem that cannot be solved by this protocol occurs about the use of this site between user and us, we discuss with user in all sincerity with us and shall solve this.
2.When it is not settled by discussion in spite of regulations of foregoing paragraph either, we assume Tokyo Summary Court or Tokyo District Court exclusive jurisdiction court of the first trial.

9. Governing law

About establishment, effect, observance of a contract of these Terms of Use and interpretation, we assume Japanese law governing law.

10. Inevitability

When observance of a contract of contract delays by order disposal by natural disaster, war, riot, internal disturbance, revolution, reorganization establishment, court of laws and ordinances or the civil authority, accident of vehicle, other inevitability or it became impossible, we do not take responsibility for what for user.

Supplementary provisions
We carry out these terms from January 28, 2015.

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