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BicCamera Yurakucho Store

Surface Pro 6, Surface Laptop2

The BicCamera  Yurakucho Store appearance
Business hours
Always 10:00 a.m. without holiday - 10:00 p.m.
1-11-1, Yuurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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Job Opportunities
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bikkame daughter Yurakucho sputum
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The nearest station

The immediate very front of Yurakucho Station Hibi Taniguchi!
You can visit Exit D4 of underground passage direct connection without getting wet in the rain.

Parking lot

Guidance of handling product

Apple product repair serviceKEY'S CAFE (cafe)
Watches & Clocks, Suitcase ⁄ travel article, business bag
Glasses ⁄ Contact Lenses ⁄ Hearing Aid
PC, Apple Shop, Printer Ink cartridge Computer Peripherals
Office appliance, Phone, supply article, Toys, game ・
Music ⁄ picture software, musical instrument, disaster prevention, genwazawai, blackout measures
Beauty & Health, SIXPAD, Stationery, medicine ⁄ daily necessities ⁄ cosmetics, bedclothing (umou Duvet), Stainless Steel Water Bottles
TV audio system, liquor
Cell-phone, smartphone, status cheap smartphone, status cheap SIM card
AppleWatch, audio system smart Speaker
Air Conditioning, seasonal household appliances, air cleaner, Kitchen appliances, Refrigerator, washing machine, cleaner, Rice Cookers, Iron, Lighting, warm water toilet seat, photovoltaic power generation, reform
Camera·Video Camera drone, photograph print
Bicycle, golf sporting goods

Guidance of service

Reserve Online
Net reservation service
Pick-up Counter

※Place to pick-up your products is on the email.
Service support
We buy and take a trade-in on
Repair reception desk, ordered items receipt
PC support
Smartphone support
Apple product repair service
KEY'S CAFE (cafe)
Yurakucho Station Hibi Taniguchi ophthalmology
From 13:00 to 19:00 (Thursday closing the office)
Changing battery, repair of Watches & Clocks
Consultation of the Internet
BIC light store reception desk
Prescription reception desk, dispensing pharmacy
Qol drugstore
General guidance counter
BicCamera gift certificate sale
BicCamera gift card sale
Receipt issuance
Stationed-in-bike-race ticket service
ViewALTTE, Japan Post Bank
Foreign currency changemaker
BIC SIM store application
Sound, MNP contract real time issuance
From 10:00 to 20:00
Golf Club large amount purchase
Photograph print
Proof camera
(my number application correspondence)
BIC chosokuben
The shortest next day airport delivery
Free Wi-Fi
Free Internet service

※We may become caretaker depending on contents which may be different from store business hours in time in by service.

Guidance of facilities ⁄ other stores

※Please confirm each homepage about inquiry, business hours to each shop.

New service

Of permanent construction that capsule coffee of nesupuresso can purchase in Yurakucho Store
We opened "nesupuressopoppuappubutikku"!

  • nesupuresso
  • Capsule coffee of nesupuresso only sets capsule in the coffee machine body of nesupuresso and is product which can enjoy high-quality taste that professional served with one button anytime. As you can purchase capsule coffee with system unit, you can enjoy authentic coffee right after take-out.
    "nesupuressopoppuappubutikku" summary
    Opening day: Tuesday, July 24
    Place: BicCamera Yurakucho Store B1F Kitchen appliances corner

The unmanned purchase reception desk service "comfortable Ull post" using locker
Thursday, May 31
Service start!

The comfortable Ull post
"The comfortable Ull post" only puts purchase hope articles such as digital product and hobby products that became unnecessary in the exclusive locker with application and is service that there is purchase reception desk. Because purchase receptionist can do it without keeping customer waiting, we become easy to use purchase that we applied pockets of time in. In addition, person having uneasiness toward purchase in meeting from the viewpoint of privacy can use casually. In addition, guidance of assessment result and payment of purchase amount of money are the basic same day.
We perform guidance of assessment result and payment of purchase amount of money in meeting. Please come to the store after assessment finish time shown in reception desk again.
<"comfortable Ull post" summary>

Setting store: BicCamera Yurakucho Store 5F service support counter
Purchase time: From 10:00 to 22:00
Purchase product: Product targeted for purchase is this

Locker dimensions:
M (52.4cm in height X 41.1cm in width X 54.6cm in depth)
S (24.6cm in height X 41.1cm in width X 54.6cm in depth)
SS (10.8cm in height X 41.1cm in width X 54.6cm in depth)

Use procedure:
1. We fill in matter necessary for application had always ready by locker for exclusive use of "the comfortable Ull post"
2. We appoint rocker who operates touch panel, and installs purchase product
3. We supply rocker with purchase hope article and application and confirm assessment finish time
4. After assessment finish time, we come to the store again (service support counter)
5. After confirmation of assessment amount of money, transfer consent, the confirmation of person confirmation documents, it is paid purchase amount of money

  • Let's experience ROBOT LIFE!
    It is robot corner OPEN in 4F!

    Robot corner
  • Official smartphone application smartphone to reward card!
  • BICSIM counter
  • We accept changing battery
  • It is advantageous when we propose in "Radishbo-ya" BicCamera !
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