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Surface GO trial campaign!

All of you suffered from by this "July, 2018 heavy rain,"
And we give to the families heartily.
I wish you your security and speedy revival of stricken area.

When we have you show "July, 2018 heavy rain" Cabinet Office Disaster Relief Act application local affliction certificate (each municipalities issuance)

10% discount, other products are 5% discounts Refrigerator, washing machine, Air Conditioning TV, Fan, Vacuums & Floorcare, range, Rice Cookers. Until September 30.

[product out of the object] Today's attributive article, bargain item, display, Outlet product, used goods, direct direct marketing PC, products that contract with mobile phone carrier is necessary such as smartphone, cell-phone, tablet, game console system unit, PlayStation VR, prepaid card (tax-free products such as gift certificates), Rolex, Apple product, Books, BIC shuhantoriatsukaishohin, ju*sekiren (reform, sunlight), work fee, delivery charges

※With other campaigns cannot use together.

We carry out in net shop. For more information:

The BicCamera  Tenjin 1st Store appearance
Business hours
Always 10:00 a.m. without holiday - 9:00 p.m.
1-25-1, Imaizumi, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka
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BicCamera gift certificate sale
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※We may become caretaker depending on contents which may be different from store business hours in time in by service.

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Event information in shop

  • BicCamera  JQ SUGOCA card
  • It is BicCamera now
    We are holding photocontest!

    Photocontest of the 40th anniversary of the BicCamera Photocontest to be connected from finder
  • Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks support sale
  • We considerably raised the use ceiling of bitcoin (Bitcoin) 300,000 yen in 1 cashier until minute (as for net shop BicCamera.com to 100,000 yen)
  • Net reservation
  • BicCamera  X riders cafe! Made-to-order Bicycle!
  • iPhone repair, Apple product repair service regular shop
  • We support Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks
  • Official smartphone application smartphone to reward card!
  • BICSIM counter
  • Please leave shopping of Tax-Free to BicCamera !
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