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BicCamera Nagoya JR GATE TOWER Store

Surface Pro 6, Surface Laptop2

BicCamera Nagoya JR GATE TOWER Store
Business hours
Always without holiday
10:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
The ninth floor of 1-1-3, Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi ground ... the tenth floor
Job Opportunities
Part-time job employment information
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The nearest station

Parking lot

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Guidance of handling product

TV audio system home theater Cameras, Watches & Clocks, audio system, cell-phone, smartphone PC ⁄ Computer Peripherals, Suitcase ⁄ travel article, Books (as for the Books BIC Point!) ・Stationery, Glasses ⁄ Contact Lenses ⁄ ophthalmology ⁄ Hearing Aid, KEY'S CAFE (cafe)
Life household appliances (cooking, housework, seasonal household appliances, Refrigerator, Vacuums & Floorcare, washing machine, Air Conditioning), Beauty & Health, SIXPAD, game, picture ⁄ music software, Lighting, medicine ⁄ daily necessities ⁄ cosmetics, liquor, Toys, bedclothing, golf article / Bicycle, riders cafe, bedclothing (umou Duvet), reform

Guidance of service

Reserve Online
Net reservation service
Pick-up Counter

※Place to pick-up your products is on the email.
Service support
We buy and take a trade-in on
Repair reception desk
PC support
Smartphone support
Consultation of the Internet
Photograph print
Proof camera
KEY'S CAFE (cafe)
Corporation reception desk window
Nagoya Sakuradori Exit ophthalmology
From 13:00 to 19:00 (reception desk deadline 18:30)
Tuesday and Wednesday closing the office
General guidance counter
BicCamera gift certificate sale
BicCamera gift card sale
Receipt issuance
Stationed-in-bike-race ticket service
Bulk buying counter
Bulk buying toll free number
(reservation over telephone)

Free Wi-Fi
Free Internet service

※We may become caretaker depending on contents which may be different from store business hours in time in by service.

October 8 Monday (holiday) BicCamera Nagoya JR GATE TOWER Store 
Off-line qualifier meet

  • BS11CUP all-Japan e sports student championship offline qualifier meet
  • Participation offer
    Until 9/24( moon) 12:00 32 <offer was finished>
    Meeting form
    PlayStation®4 "winning eleven 2019" shinguruirimineshon method tournament
    Federation of Japanese broadcasting satellite / Japan e sports student /e sports communications combination company
    Detailed information
    BS11cup all-Japan e sports student championship Web site is this place

Let's sense drone bodily! DJI formula shop opens in 10F!

DJI shop-in-shop DJI shop-in-shop

On Saturday, September 1, 2018, "DJI SIS BicCamera Nagoya JR GATE TOWER Store" opens in the tenth floor of BicCamera JR Nagoya gate tower!
Let alone system unit of each series and stabilizer OSMO mobile2 such as Phantom4 Pro, Mavic, Spark, you handle to Accessory widely, and salesperson having product knowledge of DJI product is registered and can enjoy DJI product until the purchase before the purchase including correspondence with support dial of DJI direct communication after the purchase in peace.

Guidance of SIXPAD sale

Under sale popular in SIXPAD BicCamera  Nagoya JR GATE TOWER Store 9F!

Under sale popular in EMS "SIXPAD" evolving in IoT in BicCamera Nagoya JR GATE TOWER Store 9F!

Introduction of KEY'S CAFE menu

Seasonal limited items Normal menu

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>The details of KEY'S CAFE BicCamera Nagoya JR GATE TOWER Store are this