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BicDrug SHIDAX Shinjuku Central Road Store
Overseas tourist recommended popular Tax-Free select shop

The BicDrug SHIDAX Shinjuku Central Road Store appearance
Business hours
Always 11:00 a.m. without holiday - 0:00 a.m.
1-17-10, Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku Brick Building B1F - 1F
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Job Opportunities
Shinjuku district part-time job employment information
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The nearest station

Guidance of handling product

Medicine ⁄ daily necessities ⁄ cosmetics
Cameras audio system, household appliances, travel article, Stationery ・
Souvenir, game, Toys, liquor

Guidance of service

Reserve Online
Net reservation service
Pick-up Counter

※Place to pick-up your products is on the email.
Receipt issuance
Free Wi-Fi
Free Internet service

※We may become caretaker depending on contents which may be different from store business hours in time in by service.

Event information in shop

  • We considerably raised the use ceiling of bitcoin (Bitcoin) 300,000 yen in 1 cashier until minute (as for net shop BicCamera.com to 100,000 yen)
  • Net reservation
  • Official smartphone application smartphone to reward card!
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