About approach of social media

BicCamera group social media policy

We set "BicCamera social media policy", and BicCamera observes about employee of administration of social media official account and BicCamera performing participation to social media.

  1. 1.With social media

    Of individual who used the Internet communication represented by blog, bulletin board system, LINE, Twitter, mixi, Facebook, Youtube disseminate information, and is in reading by the unspecified number of users and the media whole that can communicate.

  2. 2.Background of social media policy development

    By the spread of social media, anyone came to be able to communicate with the unspecified number of people through social media and became indispensable in the modern society.
    However, on the other hand, we injured somebody by remark that as each one became information emission source easily, was missing in consideration and may have leaked confidential information of company.
    As a result, not problem only for social media user, there is risk to develop into big problem to roll up neighboring human beings, company itself.
    In BicCamera , we let you recognize risk and measures assumed beforehand through netiquette manual and employee education and recognize participation in safe social media.
    We think that by inflecting as one of the effective communication means with customer, social media to participate through company activity contribute to offer of better service to customer, improvement in value of the whole BicCamera .
    Oneself is member of BicCamera , and, on the use of social media, the dispatch recognizes enough that we have an influence that there is not few on the world and that we take responsibility for the dispatch contents of oneself and, for the purpose of security and participation in healthy social media, shall devise this policy.

  3. 3.The observance item for social media participation

    1. (1) Take moderation and action with consideration as member of society
    2. (2) Anonymity of information that sent do not be held
    3. (3) Information that sent do not be completely deleted
    4. (4) You take responsibility for contents which each one disseminates information of, and consider not to produce misunderstanding
    5. (5) The unspecified number of users are accessible, and information that sent passes to many aspects, and have an influence
    6. (6) Do not send personal information and on-the-job confidential information that you were able to know
    7. (7) Being information dispatch about fact
    8. (8) Observe various laws and ordinances, other official regulations concerned and social norm. You decide not to use works, IC card of third party without permission, and obtain rightful claimant's consent when you use works of third party. You damage honor of third party by slander slander, and do not violate right of others.
  4. 4.News to customer

    1. (1) Naturally disseminating information from BicCamera employee posted on social media does not express opinion of BicCamera . Contents which we sent in official site or news release of BicCamera are best as for BicCamera is official, disseminating information.
    2. (2) Information that customer was posted on may be quoted. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
    3. (3) It is thing at the time of dispatch, and information in social media may be changed afterwards.

February 29, 2016 establishment
March 4, 2016 revision
BicCamera Inc.

BicCamera group social media Terms of Use

When user uses service (we put together as follows and are called "this service".) associated with social media that BicCamera runs and that, these Terms of Use are applied.
User would appreciate your observing after checking the following BicCamera social media Terms of Use (called "these Terms of Use" as follows.).
In addition, we should have these Terms of Use consent with the use of this service by user.

  1. Coverage of Article 1 book Terms of Use

    These Terms of Use shall be applied for all the users of this service.
    But Terms of Use published in each official account about case that Terms of Use and policy and contents which we published in various social media official accounts (called "official account" as follows.) which BicCamera runs are different from these Terms of Use shall be given priority to.

  2. The observance matter of Article 2 user and consent matter

    We observe the following matters and user shall consent on the use of this service.

    1. (1) User being self-responsibility of user about responsibility as a result of and having done reading (we match reading and contribution and are called "the use" as follows.), to occur (called "contributions" as follows.) such as contribution, indication, offer of this service.
    2. (2) As a general rule, all the users of this service being able to read this about content that user posts on this service.
    3. (3) Being self-responsibility of user about responsibility to occur by using management of password to use because user uses this service and password.
    4. (4) When you damage third party on the use of this service, user compensates for the damage to suffer from in responsibility and the expense of self, and solve dispute with the third party concerned.
    5. (5) When the damage occurs to the user on the use of this service, BicCamera do not take any responsibility unless the damage to suffer from is caused by intention of BicCamera or gross negligence.
    6. (6) BicCamera being able to demand compensation for damages from the user concerned when user damages BicCamera in violation of Honjo and next article.
  3. Verboten in use of Article 3

    User shall not have to do the following acts on the use of this service.

    1. (1) Act to violate right of BicCamera , other users or third party and property and act that we might violate.
    2. (2) Act to slander about act to slander BicCamera , other users or third party, and to slander and those products or service, and to slander.
    3. (3) Act to violate privacy such as placing personal information of full name, phone number, address about other users or third party.
    4. (4) Election campaign or act to be similar to this.
    5. (5) Acts such as specific religion or organization, propagation activity about groups or invitation.
    6. (6) Act to use information that this service provides across range of the personal use purpose, and to reproduce, act, also, for-profit, to use.
    7. (7) Act to give disadvantage to BicCamera , other users or third party.
    8. (8) Act against public order and morals or laws and ordinances or act with those fear.
    9. (9) Act to provide harm, obscenity, violent information or information that those description is included in.
    10. (10) Act that we post harmful computer program on.
    11. (11) Act that we post confidential informations of BicCamera which users such as confidential informations that BicCamera disclosed at the user limit concerned based on law with BicCamera , contract relations observed in the BicCamera inside on.
    12. (12) Act to be from BicCamera , and to utilize copyright, trademark, service mark, logo, image in BicCamera without written consent in front in one way or another.
    13. (13) Act to be tied to criminal act or act with the fear.
    14. (14) Act that other users or third party may think vicious act, discriminatory act to be unpleasant.
    15. (15) Act to damage act to disturb administration of this service or trust of BicCamera .
    16. (16) Act to provide information by by false personal information or spoofing.
    17. (17) Act to judge that other BicCamera is inappropriate.
  4. The handling of Article 4 intellectual property rights

    1. (1) Provider (called "informant" in addition as follows.) of BicCamera or the information concerned owns information placed on the use of this service.
      User reproduces all or a part of the contents included in this service without getting written consent of informant and shall not have to do exhibition, transmission (including public transmission), distribution, transfer, loan, translation, adaptation, reproduction.
    2. (2) When user posts on this service, we consider to be nonexclusive, and to be free, and to have given rights to use to BicCamera about thing protected in intellectual property rights in information such as the contributions concerned and shall not use intellectual property rights to suffer from the information concerned for BicCamera .
  5. Violation of Article 5 protocol

    When user violates either article of these Terms of Use, BicCamera shall be able to take any measures that deletion, others such as information that user placed on the site and contents are necessary against the user concerned beforehand without notifying.

  6. Article 6 disclaimers

    1. (1) BicCamera shall not take any responsibility unless the damage to suffer from is caused by intention of BicCamera or gross negligence about the damage of user who occurred on the use of this service.
    2. (2) BicCamera will not guarantee accuracy, integrity, lawful act or other all about information to send from official account in this service and information provided than user. BicCamera does not take responsibility at all unless we are caused by intention of BicCamera or gross negligence even if the damage occurred to user or other third parties due to the information concerned.
  7. Change of Article 7 Terms of Use

    BicCamera may change these Terms of Use without getting consent of user. In this case we shall have effect when we publish these Terms of Use which we changed on our site and displayed.