Repair, maintenance

About repair of home electric appliances

Let alone product which had you purchase in BicCamera Kojima Sofmap, even product you want accepts repair other than the BicCamera . Please consult about having a problem with household appliances by all means.

Carry-in, Pick up, On-site repair service


Repair consultation desk
Time in: From 10:00 to 20:00

Pick up Repair Solutions

If there is no BicCamera store near to you, we can pick up your items to repair.

Main target product

  • PC
  • Printer
  • Digital Camera
  • Video Camera
  • Electronic Dictionary
  • Blu-ray ⁄DVD recorder
  • Vacuums & Floorcare
  • Air Cleaner
  • Rice Cookers
  • A lot of game consoles

Flow of taking care of repair

We ask application, taking care of on the telephone.


Repair consultation desk (time in: for from 10:00 to 20:00)
We do all over Japan correspondence (except remote island).


Taking care of, delivery charges 3,000 yen (tax-included) + repair expense

※Instructions at the time of repair request
Taking care of, delivery charges incur in the outside during period during maker term of a guarantee. We charge taking care of delivery charges at the time of repair cancellation. Replacement during repair custody period cannot prepare. When we get up for repair such as electronic note, PC connection products, we cannot take responsibility for data. I would like Backup in you beforehand.
Large product and some products cannot accept taking care of repair. For more details, please refer over telephone.

※It becomes indication of size of product which is available for taking care of.

SizeVertical X side X heightMain target product (please refer for eyes cheap thing which you cannot store)
S260mmX200mmX30mmTablet Digital Camera game console, Electronic Dictionary
AW400mmX280mmX80mmNote PC, small PC Video Camera
A335mmX290mmX95mmNote PC, small PC
B450mmX410mmX155mmSlim PC video recorder
C520mmX450mmX225mmMedium-sized PC, Lcd Monitor
D500mmX450mmX390mmVDT laser printer, Rice Cookers
E665mmX410mmX265mmInkjet printer, Vacuums & Floorcare, Air Cleaner
Large PC, 19 inches of all-in-one PCs


We accept by C.O.D. (cash).

About business trip repair

Accept repair such as large products (Refrigerator, washing machine, Air Conditioning TV) over telephone, please feel free to contact.

Indication of repair charges

We publish indication on the repair price, repair deadline according to product. Heard estimate, please feel free to contact.
※Please note that repair amount of money fluctuating by repair contents may largely exceed amount of money.


Brand nameRepair amount of money
(Tax-free price)
Shipment date
Digital Camera10,000 yen7-14 days
Mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera18,000 yen10-14 days
Single-lens reflex camera Digital Camera18,000 yen
Lens15,000 yen
Electronic flash13,000 yen14-21 days
Tripod (low end)4,000 yen
Tripod (high price range)22,000 yen

As of H28⁄11⁄

Acoustic equipment

Brand nameRepair amount of money
(Tax-free price)
Shipment date
Memory audio9,500 yen10-14 days
Portable radio5,000 yen
IC Recorder9,000 yen
Component System14,000 yen
Amplifier13,000 yen
Headphones (low end)4,000 yen
Headphones (high price range)12,000 yen

As of H28⁄11⁄

Video equipment

Brand nameRepair amount of money
(Tax-free price)
Shipment date
LCD television (22 inches or less)18,000 yen10-14 days
Blu-ray Recorder28,000 yen
Portable DVD13,000 yen
Liquid crystalline pocket TV12,000 yen
Video Camera15,000 yen

As of H28⁄11⁄

OA apparatus

Brand nameRepair amount of money
(Tax-free price)
Shipment date
Inkjet printer10,000 yen7-14 days
Laser printer16,000 yen
Electronic Dictionary13,000 yen
Phone8,000 yen10-14 days
FAX Machine10,000 yen
Shredder12,000 yen

As of H28⁄11⁄

PC connection

Brand nameRepair amount of money
(Tax-free price)
Shipment date
Notebook PC (domestic maker)45,000 yen14th
Desktop PC (domestic maker)47,000 yen
Notebook PC (overseas maker)44,000 yen21st
Desktop PC (overseas maker)43,000 yen
Tablet15,000 yen14th
SIM-free smartphone20,000 yen21st

※In the case of correspondence, there is maker directly. In that case, please ask manufacturer more directly than customer.

As of H28⁄11⁄

Game console

Brand nameRepair amount of money
(Tax-free price)
Shipment date
PS415,000 yen10-14 days
PS313,000 yen
PSVita⁄PSP10,000 yen
WiiU14,000 yen
New Nintendo 3DS ⁄ 8,000 yen
Nintendo 3DS⁄3DSLL8,000 yen

As of H28⁄11⁄

Home electric appliances

Brand nameRepair amount of money
(Tax-free price)
Shipment date
Shaver8,000 yen7-14 days
Electric Toothbrush8,000 yen
Hair dryer5,000 yen
Curling Irons5,000 yen
Beautiful face device9,000 yen
Scale7,000 yen
Sphygmomanometer5,000 yen

As of H28⁄11⁄

Home electric appliances

Brand nameRepair amount of money
(Tax-free price)
Shipment date
Vacuums & Floorcare12,000 yen7-14 days
Robot Cleaner20,000 yen10-14 days
Air Cleaner ⁄ humidifier10,000 yen7-14 days
Dehumidifier11,000 yen
Iron8,000 yen
Pot5,000 yen
Rice Cookers (low end)8,000 yen
Rice Cookers (high price range)20,000 yen
Microwave oven (low end)8,000 yen
Microwave oven (high price range)18,000 yen

As of H28⁄11⁄